Have you ever experienced hypnotherapy, or ever heard of it and wondered what it was?

I am a mindfulness-based hypnotherapist in Victoria, BC, and I help a lot of people online and in-person through this therapy, but why did I choose this modality to help people through?

I met someone who was a hypnotherapist many years ago, and they helped me not only move through my anxiety but also helped me get over my massive fear of flying. I remember flying a few times when I was younger and it was fine, but at the time, my partner and I were planning a trip to Mexico, but I was just too freaked out about the flying to commit to going. I couldn’t understand why I was so afraid of flying now?

I did a batch of sessions with the hypnotherapist around this, and she helped me be okay with the flying trip to Mexico. What I didn’t realize, and what the therapist helped me to realize through the process, was that about 12 years earlier I went through a difficult divorce. Before we filed for the divorce, we had a trip planned to Hawaii, but the week before things had escalated so much that I wasn’t even going to go. Somehow, through the fighting that week, things calmed down just enough before the trip date that I decided to keep with our plans for the trip together. What I learned years later from the therapist is that when I flew on that trip, even though the flying part went just fine, I was so traumatized from the breaking apart of my marriage that my subconscious mind associated the flight with the emotional trauma that I was experiencing with the divorce in general, and my subconscious survival systems were not going to let me ever experience the kind of painful feelings and emotions ever again that I felt after the trip to Hawaii through the divorce separation that took place after the trip. It seems ridiculous that years later with my partner who I was planning a trip to Mexico with, that my subconscious would try to keep me from flying ever again so I wouldn’t have to feel those horrible divorcing feelings ever again, but the subconscious has no comprehension of past/present/future. It simply lumped flying into the divorce feelings because it was right at that time, and we felt a lot of emotions on that trip because of the issues we were feeling, which transferred into a deep fear of flying.

Once the therapist figured this out, she did hypnotherapy with me to help my mind to separate the connection of flying from the long ago divorce, and the flight to Mexico ended up being a really great experience. After this, hypnotherapy just called to me, as I wanted to help people like this therapist had just helped me. Of course, every therapist works in their own unique way, as I am very spiritual and mindfulness-based in the way I work with people, and the therapist that helped me worked a little differently.

If your interest has been piqued through my experience I just shared, I want to offer you a free sample of hypnotherapy on my website main page. It is totally free, no signup is required. It will help you start the process of relieving anxiety and stress, to help ground you back into your body into a calmer state. Simply go to my main page and scroll down a bit to the blue section called: Free Sample of the Modalities I Use.

Give it a try and share your results with me! www.awarenessinhealth.com

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