It’s much easier said than done to simply decide to think more positively and have it go according to plan, resulting in an immediate improvement in mood. For most people, it’s more like going to the gym: it requires consistent effort over time to achieve desired results. And just like maintaining fitness, sustaining a positive mindset requires ongoing commitment.

In my therapy practice in Victoria, BC, I assist numerous individuals both online and in person in cultivating positivity, enhancing self-esteem, and reshaping belief systems to align with their desired lives. While this article isn’t focused on therapy per se, I want to equip you with some tools today that I’ve found highly effective with my clients. Recognizing that not everyone can commit to therapy due to constraints like time or finances, I aim to provide powerful techniques to strengthen the mental muscles necessary for fostering a positive outlook.

Here’s the practice:

Every day, allocate 5-10 minutes to reflect on your day, emphasizing moments you enjoyed, activities that brought you happiness, and experiences that left you feeling fulfilled. Whether it’s something as minor as a pleasant interaction or as significant as witnessing a breathtaking scene, jot down these instances and then revisit them in the evening before bed. Reflect on each item, immersing yourself in the memory and evoking the associated emotions. Move through your list systematically, reliving and savoring each positive moment.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This highlights the importance of consistent effort in purposefully embedding specific new behaviours into your subconscious as automatic habits. By dedicating a month to this brief exercise—where you focus on acknowledging and appreciating the positives in your daily life—you’re effectively re-programming your mind to default to a positive outlook. In a sense, you are doing self-hypnotherapy. Through repeated emphasis on the positive aspects of your experiences, you’re essentially installing a new, uplifting mental framework. In about a month, you’ll find yourself naturally seeking out and focusing much more on positivity, gradually overshadowing the default negative mindset.

You’ll begin to prioritize experiences that evoke feelings of happiness and fulfillment, gradually becoming less attuned to negativity. Similar to a workout regimen, this process entails exercising your mental faculties to strengthen positivity and resilience.

Commit to this practice for a month, and witness the transformative power of cultivating positive thinking. Investing this time in yourself is an act of self-love that promises to enhance your self-confidence and overall well-being, opening doors to a richer, more joyful life experience.

I’d love to hear about your progress with this approach. Feel free to share your positive results!

Wishing you a day filled with positivity and growth,

Arne Pedersen

Mindfulness-based Hypnotherapist

Victoria, B.C.

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