Have you ever experienced Energy Healing? It is truly an amazing experience to lie down and undergo energy healing. The first time I experienced it, it was truly remarkable. My mind was often filled with tumultuous emotions, my body felt jittery, and I was in a tense state. However, somewhere throughout the session, my mind cleared, and I felt amazingly peaceful and calm. I didn’t even realize I was always stuck in a mild state of anxiety until that feeling was gone, allowing me to notice the difference.

It was incredible how someone could seemingly hover their hands over me for half an hour, and in that time, I felt significantly better for the remainder of the day. Everything just flowed differently. I underwent energy healing for a batch of sessions with this therapist, and she helped me process my emotions much better, where it just made it much easier to make some healthy changes I desired. This experience intrigued me so much that I decided to train in this fascinating modality. I studied Reiki with her for a while, and then completed another two levels with another Reiki teacher, and then pursued a two-year energy healing course with someone else. There have been sessions with clients where we were addressing challenging areas, and nothing seemed to be working until I performed energy healing on them. This helped them regain a calm state, allowing us to make significant progress in the sessions once again.

I not only learned how to do remote energy healing from a distance but became fascinated with learning how to perform self-energy healing to aid my body in overcoming challenges I was facing at the time. It’s astonishing how much quicker our immune system can work when our body is balanced and calm on an energetic level, supporting our mind and body to entrain with this calmness, enabling faster healing.

Have you ever been guided into a relaxing meditation where you felt so good as you flowed into a relaxing daydreamy state? With this experience, we can feel the positive effects on our body as the relaxation state we are guided into supports our body to feel more relaxed and balanced. We can learn how to do this on our own to facilitate this theta brain-wave state of hypnotic imagination. When in this state, we can guide our subconscious mind to change unhealthy behaviours into ones more supportive of our goals, thus supporting our body and mind to become healthier.

Bedtime Energy Healing Meditation

Imagine you are standing out in the bright sun. Feel the amazing embrace of the warmth upon your face. Feel your arms and whole body absorbing this energy as the relaxing heat begins to permeate throughout you. Now, imagine your whole body glowing from the inside with this light, projecting a glowing aura all around you. Practice this visualization in bed at night just before you go to sleep. As you drift into sleep, falling through the beta, alpha, theta, and into the delta sleep state, you will not only be supporting your body to balance all its energy centers, but also doing self-hypnosis. By embracing the feelings of balance and calmness through this visualization, you support them to integrate into your subconscious mind. Moreover, you will carry this wonderful feeling into your dreams as you fall asleep.

Give this bedtime energy healing meditation a try and experience the amazing improvement in your sleep.

I also want to offer you a free sample of Energy Healing on my website. No sign-up is required; it’s just a free downloadable 18-minute Energy Healing Session that helps you balance your chakras, leaving your body in a relaxed and balanced state.

Here is the link that will take you to my website’s main page. Just scroll down a bit to the blue section called: FREE SAMPLES OF THERAPY MODALITIES

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