Is stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, low self esteem, low self confidence, the feeling of unworthiness, spiritual confusion, or chronic pain robbing you of a happy and fulfilling life?

Just IMAGINE what you could do in life and how good it will feel with those gone!


That's a pretty good thought isn't it!... and yes this is possible!


I can help you do this through Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, mindfulness tools, meditation instruction, and spiritual guidance.

I help people who are ready, motivated, and really want to make healthy changes in their lives! 


Are are having challenges with any of the following:

  • Struggling with anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, or have unresolved trauma holding you back

  • Feeling you are a bad person, not good enough, or unworthy of happiness or success

  • You feel low self worth, low self esteem, or lack of confidence

  • You're unhappy with life, feeling that you don't belong or fit in

  • You're trying your best but something deep down keeps blocking you from succeeding

  • You are afraid to follow your dreams, or express the real you


  • Struggling with chronic physical or emotional pain


  • You are feeling lost, don't know who you are, and trying to find your life purpose


  •  You are experiencing a spiritual or identity crisis 

Then I am excited to meet with you for a FREE initial consultation to talk about how I can help you overcome these blocks to live the life you desire!


My name is Arne. I am a Registered Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH), Energy Healer, and a Mindfulness Teacher


I specialize in helping people to do just that!

... to heal the root cause of these limiting subconscious beliefs that are holding you back

to then build a new positive foundation of inner self love and confidence that will support you

to achieve your life, relationship, spiritual, or business goals and dreams!


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Do any of these sound familiar:


  • You go along with things you do not want to do because you are afraid of being rejected if you say no, but you beat yourself up for doing so

  • You are afraid to be in crowds, or anxious at work

  • You try not to be seen to avoid unwanted attention, but that's all you seem to attract

  • You have to be perfect, but never feel good enough no matter how hard you try

  • You stuff your emotions and pretend you are ok, but inside you are overwhelmed, feeling like a mess

  • You ignore your body's needs by pushing yourself too hard, or have difficulty being motovated

  • You let people push you around or talk to you disrespectfully because you are afraid to speak up and set boundaries

  • You use food, drugs, alcohol, Netflix, etc, as distractions to numb or self medicate away what you are feeling

  • You are afraid to follow your dreams because you might fail, or afraid of the pressure or attention if you succeed

  • Anger and resentment build up and take their tole, either exploding out inappropriately, or you hold them in and stew



These things are NOT intrinsically who you are. These are just outdated belief systems in your subconscious mind, and beliefs can be changed!



Through Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and spiritual tools, my job is to help you get the new messages into the part of your mind that is still running those outdated survival programs, so it understands and supports your current goals instead!

I help you get all the parts of your mind working together on your goals as a team, combined with simple mindfulness tools, meditation practices, spiritual guidance, and homework, to get you grounded back into your body to become reconnected with your emotions and true authentic self with confidence and enthusiasm.

I wish you could see what I see! As from your perspective its hard not to just see the blocks and pains of where you are and what you are not happy about. I see your future possibilities, your light, and how different and amazing all the areas of your life will be when you have let go of all the blocks and negative perceptions/beliefs that hold you back from being the real you!

People always feel good after their consultation. It's an empowering feeling to take action with something that is important to you! 

 I am really looking forward to meeting with you! 



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