Use Hypnotherapy as a Performance Tool!

For Career • For Entrepreneurship • For Relationships

Imagine having your own "secret door" to your personal & professional achievements that you didn't know you had access to.


You can do this by working strategically with your subconscious mind.

If you're struggling with your career, business or work/life balance, you may think the problem is...


  • You just need to be more focused to be able to handle more tasks at work. Success about volume & weight of output right?

  • You should just have more willpower to work a few extra hours in the office. This is what “hustling” IS.

  • You’re not being given the opportunities (clients, positions) to achieve the earning potential you want and don’t understand it.

  • You’re not sleeping well, there’s brain fog and it’s affecting your productivity - you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in your career

  • You should be able to push through worry and stress to reach your goal but your simply feeling tapped & uninspired in your career

  • You’re working hard, doing all the right “things” as an entrepreneur, but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere

My friends, these issues are NOT the problem.

The real issue is...

The simple truth is your subconscious mind is running “the show” (aka your life) from old programming and just needs an update.


Did you know that approximately 90-95% of your potential mind power comes from your subconscious habits/belief systems? This means that no matter how much willpower or drive you have, you will be limited by your current belief systems. And the most profound thing? You’re likely not even aware of what those beliefs are or where they came from.


For someone who is a high-achiever, realizing your purpose or earning potential is limited by this “programming” is frustrating.

I’m curious, which thoughts, habits, and beliefs are sabotaging or slowing down the success you know you have earned?


Curious about how I use Hypnotherapy as a performance tool for work and career development? Book a complimentary Consultation and I'll walk you through it!


The beauty of this work is that you've had the potential all's simply been hidden by a part of your mind that wants to keep you safe and therefore, small.


Time to release your full potential




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Are we the right fit? Maybe! 

I blend spiritual practice and intuition with the science of Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing to create dynamic career, entrepreneur & relationship transformations that reveal your highest potential.

If you describe your personal beliefs with words like: universe, spirit, angels/guides, faith, flow, God, Higher Self, soul purpose, Buddha nature, authentic self, channeling, past lives, energy, Source, Creator or intuition and are willing to venture through your fears to learn to nurture and follow your unique light of who you are beneath the ego, then we are most likely a good fit!


'I've always considered myself a successful entrepreneur, but there were areas of my career that always felt capped in terms of my desire to create more impactful work and increase my earning potential. In January, I decided to it was time to explore the hidden belief systems & mindsets that were holding me back from stepping into my full potential. After 3 months of working with Arne using Hypnotherapy for career success, my monthly income has doubled and I have WAY more flow in terms of time management, creativity and client implementation. So basically, I've been collaborating with my subconscious mind for my business growth and the financial & personal energy gains have been astronomical!"


Kirsten Foss

Business Coaching + Marketing Agency for the Spa Industry 

What’s the difference between Clinical Hypnotherapy vs Stage Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is simply a trance state where the person is more open to take in information or suggestions. We go into natural trance states all the time, for example:


  • When we are relaxed and off day dreaming.

  • When we are in a meditative state

  • When we are driving somewhere while talking to our friend, then notice where we are but don't remember the last hour of the drive because the conversation was so good.


  • For a brief moment when we get startled

  • Just before we drift off to sleep, or right after we wake up


It is important to understand the difference between Stage Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists to see the difference so you can relax and trust the hypnotherapy process is completely safe.


A Stage Hypnotist is using a trance state as entertainment with willing participants to get them to do silly things on stage. They do a screening process to illuminate the people in the audience who would not make them look good. In other words, they only want to bring people up to the stage that are totally okay with making an ass of themselves in public, as well as being the most easily hypnotized in this kind of setting.


People always say to me that they wouldn't want to do Hypnotherapy because they’re afraid of losing control - worrying about the possibility to be made to cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog!


The fact is, it’s impossible to hypnotize someone to do something that they don't already want to do. During Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, you are in full control and can choose to not take in the suggestions. You could even get up and leave if you wanted to.


Hypnotherapy is simply a safe & supportive guidance technique that helps you move into a relaxed trance state using music and voice to access the subconscious mind for the purpose of supporting the message of their desired goals. It’s a tried & true methodology to bypass the conscious mind to access the part of the brain where long term memory and belief systems are stored.


You are always in complete control of your Hypnotherapy session. In fact, it’s very much like participating in a guided meditation, bit with the addition of your goals being interwoven into the process by a skilled therapist. I assure you (and my clients will too!), Hypnotherapy is very comfortable, extremely relaxing and highly enjoyable.


Ready to give it a try? Book a Complimentary Consultation and I'll walk you through it!


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