Have you ever set out to do something important, but you got sidetracked, distracted, or some inner self sabotage blocked you from getting it done? Or maybe you did it, but you never felt good about how it turned out with negative judgemental thoughts in your mind saying you did a bad job and you ended up beating yourself up and not wanting to put yourself out there again?

If this sounds familiar to you, and you want to change this pattern, you can learn to use purposeful intentions to get your mind to support your goals, rather than limit them. 

Here is a simple thing you can do every day to help your mind support you instead of limit you:

First thing in the morning sit somewhere quiet and peaceful, take in a few deep breaths to feel your body, then close your eyes and imagine what your goals or dreams are. Build the image up in your mind like a child playing in their imagination. Embody it as though it is really happening, and go into the feelings in your body of how this joyful experience feels as though it is really happening. 

When you let your imagination expand into the experience, this is your subconscious mind in action. Now that you have created this desired future experience right now in your imagination with full feeling, you are now telling your subconscious mind what you want with its full attention. Now say to yourself: “This is the direction I want to go in, and what can I do today to take a healthy step in the direction of creating this experience to happen?”

This is pointing your subconscious mind into the direction you want to go in with purposeful intention. While in this feeling state, when you ask your mind to help you with what step to take, some sort of answer will come. It might be an inner voice, or knowing that happens right then, or a song on the radio, or something you see or something someone says on the way to work. Just be open to receive the answer, and when it comes, even if it is just a feeling, if it feels good for you inside your heart, follow it with conscious intention. 

When you do this intention meditation again and then ask for more guidance, it will keep steering you “This way, this way” with its guidance. It will steer you away from things that are not aligned with your goal, and more towards things that are. 

If you start your day with this very clear intention through expanding your imagination into your goals, you will achieve them so much quicker, as your subconscious mind will then be helping you get there. When we have goals, but do not get clear on our intentions and what the goal means to us, and then just go through our day as usual, our subconscious mind is still working with us, but only from the usual automatic habits, thoughts in our mind, and patterns that we are used to practicing. When we take the time to get clear with this depth of imagination and intention, and keep checking in with ourself along the way throughout the day asking for guidance, our mind will start building the habit of helping us to achieve what we want more automatically, rather that getting stuck in negatively focusing on the lack of not achieving it, distractions, and feeling bad about ourselves.

Give this a try, I suspect it will feel really good to start your day this way.


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