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Freedom Through Mindfulness 1-Day Workshop 

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This workshop has been created from a powerful 6 week program streamlined for high-impact into a 1-day Mindfulness intensive.


Learn how your subconscious mind sabotages and keeps you from succeeding at your business, career, relationships & life goals AND how to let these patterns go with powerful mindfulness & self-care tools that you can use at home to augment your success!

How much of your energy and attention gets diverted away from what matters to you into negative thinking, that if you could instead learn how to focus it on what you want, you know your success and happiness would increase ten fold?

Our mind is very powerful and it can either be supporting our success, or limiting it. Being present with "mindful action" is an impressive PERFORMANCE TOOL that can open the creative flow in our subconscious mind to align with our conscious desires!

When we have let go of our emotional blocks and sabotaging thinking, got clear on our goals, then we become centered & focused with our inner self and life simply guides us towards harmony and prosperity from our heart and body sensations. This is the power of Mindfulness, it is the foundation that will support our success! 

I believe our unhappiness in life is caused by pushing against the current of unrealistic expectations from others, trying to be something that we are not. Reconnect with your Authentic Self to unlock the flow of your fullest potential in business & life!!

Regardless of it being entrepreneurial-ship, in your career, or relationships, this workshop is for you if you are experiencing any of the following….


  • Stress, monkey mind, and the inner critic hijack your attention & you judge yourself as not good enough

  • Sabotaging beliefs and thoughts of unworthiness that hold you back from positive relationship, career & life opportunities

  • Wearing a "mask" for so many years because showing the real you triggers fears of rejection

  • Overthinking, worrying, easily distracted, and can't sleep because your mind is racing

  • A continual sense of urgency, leading to poor life & career decisions and feeling bad about yourself afterwards

  • Feeling drained, lacking of focus, energy, or zest for life

  • A desire for higher levels of spiritual connection and want to shed the layers of ego to find your true authentic self



This workshop will change your success and the way you feel about yourself in all these areas:


  • Harness your subconscious minds creative power to support success, rather than hinder it

  • Able to use emotions and body feelings as an intuitive tool to guide you

  • Able to ground yourself back to a calm & thoughtful "center" in the midst of challenging emotional triggers

  • Able to let go of the monkey mind and finally get a solid night sleep

  • Feel more relaxed, confident, and focused - and able to handle more of life & career with less effort

  • Able to be more present & clear with your energy, attention and focus to embrace life fully 

  • To align with authentic life purpose, giving you a sense of fulfillment and ease in all you do


Imagine as an entrepreneur, in your career, or relationships, to be able to Tap into the Power of your Mind through Mindfulness to resolve any emotional difficulty or situation quickly & with clear thinking to live your best potential in everyday of your life. Now that's freedom! 


The Freedom Through Mindfulness 1-Day Workshop is designed to do exactly that!


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10 am - 5 pm. (1 hr break for lunch)

228-1175 cook st, (Enter from view st entrance)


Arne Pedersen - Awareness in Health



Fee: $150 (+gst)

"Hi Arne,

I just wanted to thank you again. Your class has had a tremendous impact on my life, and I've only just started practicing mindfulness. I hope to take more of your classes in the future!


"I took Arne’s 6 session Freedom through Mindfulness program, and I found his delivery and education on mental awareness authentic, effective and easy to grasp. He has a very calm approach and opens a level of comfort and dialogue that is liberating and supportive. I highly recommend his class for learning in a personal and productive way. 



"I loved the mindfulness Workshop and I highly recommend it for everyone! Arne's approach is thoughtful and kind. He shares great information on how to understand, reframe, and deal with a wide range of stressors. He also teaches more than one meditation technique so that you have a good repertoire to draw on. I finally found  that one technique  that is just right for me. The mindfulness exercises even led me to a clear understanding of something that has been holding me back in an area that I have been working on for a long time. Thanks so much Arne!

Twyla Johnson"

I" attended Arne's 6 week Mindfulness Seminar and found it both interesting and helpful. I came to restart a discovery process that I began many years ago, but somehow managed to get sidetracked on. What I was searching for was a way to understand what was holding me back in areas that I knew I needed and wanted to change. I first attended a single session, I like to dip my toes first, and quickly realized I needed to attend the whole 6 week course and I signed up for the next offering. 


I was pleasantly surprised to find so many like minded individuals, each struggling separately with similar sets of issues. Arne guided us through what is a very abstract concept; that we have two minds and they don't always cooperate, but at the same time are intrinsically joined. As a mechanical engineer, rooted firmly in the physical, I found most helpful the small allegorical examples that I can recall when I feel emotions that tend me the wrong way. Like the glass screen we all wrote our negative self-thoughts upon, then looked through to see an example of how these negatively charged ideas overlay the reality of our existence. This small tangible idea helps me see that there is truth and then stories I lay over the truth as separate things, not one big mess.


I highly recommend the Mindfulness course to anyone who struggles with negative thoughts, or wonders why they can't follow through on the self -help they know they so desperately want. Many thanks Arne, your simple but solid explanations rang true for me and moved me many steps forward in my journey, now with a bigger smile on my face. Keep up the good work!



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what people are saying...

The workshop is valuable for anyone in the healing industry. Being a practitioner for many years, the workshop provided me with some new tools I can use to manage my energy and environment as well as a reminder for some things I might have let lax over the years. 


Thank you,

Chellan Clark C.Ht, RCCH


The Energy Management Workshop video has changed my practice overnight!  Not only can I see more patients, but I feel like I have more energy than I did before.  The patients benefit from the surplus energy as well, and this has in turn attracted more patients. 


Arne Pedersen's Energy Management video provides invaluable tips that are presented in a clear and comprehensive way. Any practitioner/service provider who wants to take their practice to the next level will benefit from this workshop!


Lisa Rutherford, DHHP, RHN

"Hi Arne,


 I attended your Energy Management for Highly Sensitive People workshop at Full Circle and I wanted to share with you what changes I am making. The biggest change I have made is in what I wear to work. I was wearing street clothes but now I am wearing scrubs and I am noticing a change in how I approach my job.


Also I am consciously grounding myself every day using visualization and going barefoot. I carry a piece of Black Tourmaline around with me and I intend to purchase a healing hand pendant. I am going right home from work and having a healing shower and changing into day off clothes. I have just started all this but I feel positive about it.


Thank you again for the incredible workshop on the 17th, I found it to be very enlightening and interesting.

Dianna Klinick"

"I really, really appreciate your talking about this stuff, because it is very much a part of my awareness, and I am just learning to navigate difficult situations while maintaining and drawing upon this awareness. Sometimes the gift of empathy works against me, and your suggestions of preparing by grounding, maintaining grounding, and moving the energy through, as well as expanding ( for me divine and golden) energy as a form of protection and cleansing and disconnecting before returning home have blessed me, and will continue to bless me. Your presentation(s) have helped me phenomenally, and have been an answer to my prayer.


Please accept my deepest thanks,



Self Healing Chronic Physical & Emotional Pain

5  hr Workshop

Are you trying to resolve chronic physical or emotional pain with no results?


Knowledge when properly understood and applied can help us regain our inner power!


This INTERACTIVE workshop will empower you with a simple scientific understanding of the subconscious mind, mindfulness and energy healing tools that will help you heal! There will be worksheets, interesting demonstrations, and a guided healing visualization at the end.

Our autonomic nervous system, which is ran by our subconscious mind, is responsible for maintaining survival, balance, and growth/repair of our body. Within this system are two sub-systems that are called the sympathetic (Fight or Flight), and parasympathetic (Homeostasis) nervous system, that with the day to day stresses of life, or unresolved past traumas, can get out of balance and healing can become significantly blocked as a result. 

Through my personal path of healing chronic pain and training to become a Hypnotherapist, it was surprising to learn just how much our subconscious mind controls the ability for our body to heal... not to mention balancing our emotions, creativity, belief systems, our sense of self-worth/confidence, and our survival systems. 


In my personal journey of healing through my challenges with more than a decade of anxiety, panic attacks, low self-confidence, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and painful muscle spasms in my back and many other joints, I became very motivated to seek out other options beyond what the medical system failed to provide for me. Through Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and Meditation/Mindfulness/spiritual practices, I learned how to support my body to heal.


In my healing practice I now help others heal from Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual imbalances, so they can live the most happy and fulfilling life possible!


Here are some common physical problems I can quickly think of that many people are struggling with:

  •  Joint Pain

  • Inflammation

  • Anxiety/stress/panic attacks 

  • Spiritual/life path confusion

  • Digestive issues

  • Skin issues

  • Low self confidence/self worth

  • Migraines

  • Chronic pain

  • Fear/worry

  • Cancer

  • TMJ 

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Insomnia

  • Hormonal Imbalances



What kinds of challenges are you experiencing?


What are you doing to support healing them?


Are you happy with the results you are getting?

Join us at this Self-Empowering workshop to learn new perspectives on how to support whole healing.


Here is the basic model I will be teaching in this workshop:



  • Understanding the problem: How can we get stuck in non healing? 

  • Stopping the problem: Turn off the blocks that inhibit natural healing

  • Understanding the solution: Turn on growth/regeneration/healing state

  • Additional self-healing support: Utilize the power of your subconscious mind with simple energy healing techniques, as well as a guided self-energy healing visualization that I will do at the end of the workshop.  



Saturday, July 18th, 2020

12 noon - 5 pm

In the Tidal Room at the beautiful Bayside Oceanfront Resort

240 Dogwood St. Parksville B.C.

**The Tidal Room is a very spacious conference room that will allow very comfortable social distancing with table seating. The room is currently limited to 20 attendees max. 

If you feel in your heart that this resonates with you, give the gift of self love and self care to yourself, and signup now while seats are still available.


Fee: $125 Pay in advance (including gst)

($150 at the door)

 Pay now with Paypal, or e-transfer


Questions or e-transfer payment contact Arne:

I am excited to see you there!

Arne Pedersen