When we are intellectualizing and rationalizing we are only utilizing a small portion of our available mind power. The conscious mind only makes up approx. 5 – 10 % of our potential mind power and is responsible for logical linear thinking. This comes in really handy when we need to connect the dots to make sense of something, or to grasp the concept of arranging to meet someone tomorrow at this address at such and such time.

The subconscious mind cannot comprehend time or logical thinking, however it is our powerhouse of “outside the box” creative imaginative thinking, and runs approx 90 – 95% of our potential mind power.

 So next time you are staying focused on a point because it is logical and makes sense, remember that you are limiting yourself to only a small percentage of your minds ability to understand what is happing and from that place cannot create the highest potentiality of an outcome from connecting to the bigger picture! 

Trust the creative ability of your subconscious mind by letting your imagination take you to new possibilities your logical thinking could never do alone. Combine imagination with logic and you will experience new levels of insight and possibilities never experienced before as you work with full right/left brain capacity!

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