If we are wanting to manifest something new then we need to let go any unhappiness of not having what we want in the moment where we are. If we are unhappy with where we are and wanting something more based on that level of emotion, then we cannot manifest something that feels better because what we have is what we will get. 

If our daily behavioural practice, whether it be conscious or unconscious, is unhappiness through lacking what we want and wanting something else to feel better, then from that frequency of emotion we will simply attract more experiences that reenforce the energy we have been expressing, which is the unhappiness in lacking what we want.

If instead we focus on where we are with gratitude, joy and fulfillment for what we have in the moment, then we will be practicing happiness, joy and fulfillment, and anything we do from this frequency to create something new will simply be an expansion of more of what we have been practicing… which is, you guessed it: Happiness, joy and fulfillment

What we practice really is what we get!

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