I like to find special places out in nature that I feel good at. Doing this releases tension and stress, balances my system and leaves me feeling vitalized.

How does that happen just be being in nature?

We are made of all the elements of the earth, so going out in nature brings harmony to our body and mind. The natural earths frequency is approx 8 Hz. Some people may call this the heartbeat of the earth. When we are working on our computer, or driving in our car insulated from the earth by rubber tires, or in the city surrounded by asphalt, concrete, buildings and electrical wires, we can easily become out of balance because we are disconnected from our natural inner frequencies of nature in these man made places.

When we get out in nature we will be in and around the natural frequencies of what we are, which is our source, and this will help to re-align our systems back to a natural balance of calmness and ease.

Don’t just wait until you’re stressed and need a break, take that time to ground and relax away from stress as much as possible. You will feel better for doing so, become more resilient to stress, and as well this will support your mind to be filled with more creative possibilities, insights, and energy to help you get way more done with less effort from that calm state.

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