Understanding OCD: Insights from a Hypnotherapist in Victoria, BC

In my Hypnotherapy practice in Victoria, I frequently work with clients dealing with OCD. Whether they are searching for an OCD therapist in Victoria or an Online OCD Therapist, the underlying reasons often intertwine with emotional challenges such as Anxiety, Panic attacks, Low self-confidence, or Self-esteem issues in Victoria. I find that these labels are typically interconnected.

What is OCD? (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Stories can offer fresh perspectives on problems, unveiling solutions previously unseen. In my twenties, I grappled with social anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and confidence issues. Being extremely sensitive to negative energy and others’ expectations led me to become a people pleaser, hesitant to voice my opinions. This inner turmoil manifested into unconscious habits, behaviours, fears, and even physical symptoms like joint pain.

In situations of danger or overwhelming emotions, our subconscious mind dissociates our awareness from feelings to protect us. Panic attacks, anxiety, and negative emotions, when not expressed in the moment, accumulate as energy seeking an outlet. Coping behaviours like eating sweets, drinking coffee, or compulsive habits emerge as substitutes. Over time, these coping mechanisms may evolve into obsessive and compulsive behaviours, commonly recognized as OCD.

Resolving OCD

Addressing the root cause rather than merely treating symptoms is crucial in overcoming OCD. If we trace back to the initial emotional difficulty that prompted subconscious dissociation, we can start unraveling the compulsions.

Practicing daily awareness by being present with our feelings allows us to recognize, accept, and process emotions. This process reduces the need for automatic coping behaviours. While seeking the guidance of an Experienced OCD Therapist can expedite the journey and aid in overcoming setbacks, significant progress can be made independently through consistent practice.

What is an Awareness Practice?

An awareness practice involves being attuned to inner body sensations, fostering emotional competence to be with and process feelings.

How to do an Awareness Practice

Devote a few minutes each day to sit and focus on the sensations of your breathing. Gradually expand your attention to your entire body, allowing the feelings to be observed without judgment. Despite distracting thoughts, persistently guide your attention back to your body sensations.

How to Process Uncomfortable Feelings

With time, this practice equips you with tools to process emotions. Bringing your attention back from thoughts to body sensations is akin to letting go of compulsive behaviours for the present moment of bodily awareness. This practice contributes to breaking free from the grip of OCD and Anxiety.

Give it a try, and for any questions, feel free to email me through my contact/booking page.

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