Our level of emotional happiness works like a radio dial. If we are tuned into a less preferred station that only plays the songs we do not like then this will be the unhappy experience we get when we turn on the radio! If we want to experience more happiness then we need to adjust our perceptual frequency dial to the station that plays the songs of happiness. In other words, if we are always focused on what is wrong, what we do not like, talking about it, complaining and getting upset with how life is not going the way we want, then we will only have life experiences that are aligned with that station. If instead we want more happiness and joy, then we just need to tune into the station that plays those songs we want. In other words, we need to stop focusing on what we do not want, and commit to applying our attention, energy, and focus on what we do want. To do this simply train your awareness to look for what you appreciate. Express gratitude and appreciation for the things you experience and have that you like and want more of. With practice this will tune your minds dial into a new habitual way of looking at life and doing things that is now aligned with the frequency of this new station!

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