Arne Pedersen

Registered and Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist, Victoria, B.C.

“Working with Arne has been a life-changing experience. It has helped me find a path that will lead me away from a life spent on emotional firefights; i.e. my old cycle of logically working through emotional problems and triggers, dousing those fires, and judging my success based on how long it took another one to start.

Learning how to live your life in your body (in the present moment) instead of your mind (in the past or future, hypothetical or not) is an absolute revelation. Especially when you have the support of someone who is as empathetic, focused, and compassionate as Arne. He helped me break my cycle of firefighting and kept me on track toward a new way of living. Eventually, through his guidance, I stopped coming to sessions with new problems in mind to discuss and instead was focused on the new habits and the new mindsets he was teaching. This solution-based form of therapy is something that I have found to be priceless and it was not something I had experienced previously.

The hypnotherapy sessions helped me to identify events from my past that were engrained in my subconscious, become aware of the effect they were having on me emotionally, view them from a different perspective, and resolve them. The real benefit here, though, is the Awareness in Health audio program that you take home with you between sessions. Arne’s program is geared towards building a lasting change for yourself and his program, and the exercises contained within are where the real growth occurs. Best of all, you can refer to the program and its resources whenever you need to in the future and use it as an essential tool to build your new life with.

The bottom line is that the support, guidance, and tools that Arne provides are not easy to find. If you’re ready to make a change and rid yourself of your unhelpful habits, I hope that I have inspired you to get in touch with him. I can tell you with certainty that I am a different person now than I was before I reached out to him myself.

Take care of yourself and have a great day – thank you for reading.

John B”

“Arne was very compassionate and caring in helping me out through our sessions together. His help and support were exactly what I needed to navigate through some very tough issues I was dealing with in my life. Additionally, the mindfulness audio program that was part of the program was very helpful in continuing my progress at home between our sessions together and it was great to be able to put aside time that worked for me to listen to them. We still keep in touch regularly, and I feel like I’ve made a lifelong connection with Arne.


“I value how much Arne has helped me through difficult phases, and his support has made the journey incredibly insightful. Arne has a keen attentiveness, and a clear communication style that resonates with me. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance to make a positive shift, become aware of patterns, and live more fully and consciously.

Melissa M”

“Coming from 5 years of chronic pain, I was amazed to learn in our first email correspondence together that Arne had gone through twice as many years of chronic pain and had come through the other side. Having gone to countless specialists/therapists over the past 5 years it is really uncommon to find someone that has also been through such a life-changing experience.

After my first session Arne had already gained a deep understanding of my experience and self(something that can take many sessions with a counsellor etc). His knowledge and insight/awareness of pain in relation to the body, and of pain itself, is invaluable. Each subsequent session has built off the last, and I always have a new view or perspective on something after each one. After two months of weekly sessions I have already reintroduced the things into my life that I loved to do but hadn’t been able to for all these years as I associated them with pain. I already know I am not the same person I was before I started the sessions, and I now truly feel that I can see an end in sight and make it through to other side as well.

Anyone going through chronic pain that feels stuck and that they’ve exhausted all options, or has even given up, please know I was in the exact same boat and I know what it feels like. Please try Awareness in Health. I can’t thank Arne enough for all his help.


“It was great meeting, sharing and healing with Arne. He was incredibly helpful and supportive in the on-boarding process and later through out our sessions. The ultimate compliment I can pay him is that I am at a better place now, than when I first sought out his services.


“Arne is kind and understanding and my experience with him has been transformative. He is easy to talk to and is genuinely interested in helping you. Every session i felt listened to, and also left with new tools, or a new plan of understanding to work on. I highly recommend contacting Arne.

K “

I had an amazing experience at Awareness In Health Hypnotherapy.

Arne is a true master of his trade. I booked a 6 session package with him in late 2019 and was blown away with the results. Each session was tailored to my progression from the week before. Every-week starts with a consultation and debriefing which gives Arne the opportunity to adjust and connect on a very deep level.

For me it touched me on a spiritual level, and I walked away feeling better than I had in years. Mentally and physically I felt great.

If you are considering Hypnotherapy definitely connect with Arne. He a gem and you won’t be disappointed.


“I am very grateful to Arne for helping me with several breakthroughs, overcoming past traumas and giving me even greater hope for the wonderful possibilities of the future. I didn’t realize how much the old worn out subconscious programs were interfering in my day to day life. Arne helped me realize just how much strength and personal power I have to create my own desired reality and life going forward. And I actually had a few “a-ha moments” during our time together! I felt relaxed and inspired after each session. Thank you, Arne!

Michele M.”

“I worked with Arne before a World Kung Fu Competition in China. The hypnosis sessions we did greatly helped with my performance anxiety, helping me go on to win the grand champion gold medal. I had never had hypnotherapy before, but Arne was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I do not think I could have faced the stress of such a big competition without his help

Helen McCall”

“Hey Arne!
I wanted to let you know that last night I asked my boss for more money for the work I’m doing (well overdue) and acknowledgement of the fact that I’m actually in a manager role not supervisor. 
It wasn’t “easy” but it was sooooo much easier thanks to our work together. 
Before I met with him last night I was able to anticipate which physical stresses might come up (quick shallow breathing, shakey hands, etc) and sort of talk myself out of needing them and explained to myself that those things wouldn’t actually help.
 And I sought some support from some co-workers I respect and used that and my own awareness to let myself know or reinforce the knowledge that I was worth it, I am of value etc. 
When I explained my position to my boss I was calm, able to control my breathing (I barely had to think about it), my hands didn’t shake, my voice was strong, my mind stayed with me and didn’t race around but just keep guiding me through what I needed to say. I was calm, firm, confident and friendly.

He’s going to give me an offer tonight and while I do care, I know that whatever he says matters far less than the fact that I was able to look him in the eye, tell him I am a valuable component of the restaurant and that I should be compensated accordingly. 🙂
It is about the money, but it also is about so much more than that. 

Thank you for your help and support, this is definitely something I may not have even been able to do before, let alone with the poise and grace I did do it with 🙂


“There are a few people who come along on your journey towards yourself that make an impact.  Arne provided me with one of those milestones through his Mindfulness workshop.  By showing me how the mind is a tool or database not to be mistaken for reality, I was able to change my perspective and work with the mind more as an asset rather than an obstacle.  This seemingly small segment of Arne’s program has been a big step in helping me work with anxiety related issues that hindered me for years.  

Thank you Arne,


“Good Morning Arne:)

I hope this message finds you well.

I wanted to give you a swimming update! I went last night and it was really cool. I still have the same issues as I did before, but they all have to do with skill and not fear. I had so much more clarity and calm while I was swimming that I was able to see what I need to do to improve without being totally overwhelmed by anxiety. I feel like the hypnotherapy was a HUGE success 🙂

Thank you SO much! I will get in touch when I need to see you again.

Have a wonderful day,

“I loved the mindfulness Workshop and I highly recommend it for everyone! Arne’s approach is thoughtful and kind. He shares great information on how to understand, reframe, and deal with a wide range of stressors. He also teaches more than one meditation technique so that you have a good repertoire to draw on. I finally found  that one technique  that is just right for me. The mindfulness exercises even led me to a clear understanding of something that has been holding me back in an area that I have been working on for a long time. Thanks so much Arne!
Twyla Johnson” 

“I was drawn to Arne’s Class  because of my stagnant chi, disconnection from soul self, and mal-alignment with my life and energy. The gentle and supportive group atmosphere helped me uncover my heart and gave me new direction in life. With the help of Arne’s guidance, I rediscovered a sense of vitality and aliveness. Sharpening my practice of tuning into my intuition, I was able to better hear the direction my higher self has been nudging me towards. As people’s issues came up in the group for those who chose to share during circle time, we were offered strategies to cope and navigate difficult situations. We acquired new skills through varying our approach to our individual perceptions. These skills learned, serve as long lasting tools for day to day life. During the course, there is the opportunity to observe past trauma’s and to repair one’s energy field. It is possible to change the perception of our woes and let the wisdom prevail. Let Arne’s program deliver unto you a higher level of self awareness. Awareness that can set up positive expectation for a higher set point of calm, happiness and joy. His teaching style is truly a pleasure to behold. I give lasting thanks for a truly life changing set of classes, and would highly recommend Arne Pedersen’s program Freedom Through Mindfulness workshop series to anyone and everyone!

Julia A. Skagfjord”

“Hi Arne,
I just wanted to thank you again. Your class has had a tremendous impact on my life, and I’ve only just started practicing mindfulness. I hope to take more of your classes in the future!

“I suffered from major depression, anxiety, and acute osteoarthritis of my right foot which prevented me from any physical activity other than walking. At the time I was in and out of school because of my situation – walking to the bus to get to school was very painful. I didn’t know what to do. I was seeing many doctors and rheumatologist all who told me to take Tylenol for arthritis pain as well as not to do any physical exercise until the flare-ups die down. This pain was occurring almost two years prior to this point. It was an unending battle that spiralled me down into a nervous, anxious and depressed wreck. It was affecting my heath and life so much that I wanted it to end. This arthritis and depression was severely affecting my relationships. I almost gave up but I decided to keep going and seek help in other unconventional places. That’s when I did a google search and found Arne’s website for hypnotherapy. I knew nothing of hypnotherapy but the website looked promising and I was desperate to try something new. I am so glad I decided to try something new because still to this day it has changed my life for the better. Not only was Arne able to lift my depression and anxiety but miraculously my pain and swelling went down so much that it didn’t bother me! This was something I did not believe even possible. I was able to finish school and have a normal life again. The arthritis is still there, and yes, I do have some bad days but it is nothing like it used to be. I’ve learned so much from his work and grew exponentially from this experience. I know now that anything IS possible. I highly recommend Arne as he is gifted in his work. It is very clear that he cares deeply about his clients and truly wants to help people. Thank you Arne for giving my life back to me. I’m forever grateful.

“I appreciate how Arne created a safe and reassuring atmosphere for the sessions, listened with close attention to what I said, and worked with that. Any suggestions he made were discussed with me before the actual hypnotherapy session and were related to what I said, rather than being arbitrary or ‘leading’ suggestions of his own. I’m very satisfied with the results of the sessions with Arne.

All the best,


Thank you so much for writing to me 🙂
I was remembering you some weeks ago and also thought about contacting you.
I’ve been great. It’s so awesome cause the hallucinations that I had when I went to you, I had them all my life and after your sessions they were gone, and even in some episodes when they came back, they stopped having power over me, I had the tools I needed to liberate me from that illusion. I became more aware that they were just illusions. That gave me the power. So thank you very much 🙂 I also took the Ramana teachings deeply into me. There is a practice called “Enlightenment Intensives” which really is all about self inquiry, taking the Ramana teachings. That has allowed me to really wake up in life.
So thank you very much, Arne.

Send you lots of love

“I am writing to endorse Arne Pedersen’s energy work. Last year I had a tubal ligation. Prior to the surgery, Arne worked with me to help me deal with the emotions that came up around my surgery and around my decision to stop at one child. I had been surprised by the amount of emotion, primarily feelings of grief and loss, that came up for me as my surgery date approached. In a very warm, caring way Arne helped me to work through past events that had contributed to these feelings. He led me through a powerful visualization that helped me to acknowledge and dissolve these feelings. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! With the emotional issues out of the way, Arne then did energy work on me to help prepare physically for my surgery. He worked with me to manage pain, recover quickly, and release toxins from the surgery from my body more rapidly. Again, I was very impressed. Despite being given a prescription for pain relief and being told that I should rest for several days, I felt no need for any pain killers and had abundant energy. In fact, within hours of the surgery, I was out eating a buffet dinner, in a terrific physical and emotional state. I would highly recommend Arne’s services for anyone dealing with an emotional or physical issue or for someone who is facing surgery. He is a compassionate, creative man who seems to just intuitively understand what is needed by his client.

Thank you,

“Before I went to Arne, I was having trouble sleeping and I was suffering from stress and anxiety headaches. Approximately half way through the set of sessions I began to notice a definite change in my sleep patterns and my headaches seemed less frequent. Arne has such a positive, calm and reassuring energy, I found working with him very easy and quite beneficial. Together we set goals on how I could work on letting go of my old patterns and develop new patterns that better fit my lifestyle. I meditated for the first time, I was pleased and surprised. Arne has a sincere and genuine approach and he has great listening skills. I continue to work with the tools I developed and I am happy with the results.

Thank you,

“When I came to Arne, I wasn’t concerned at all about uncovering the origin of my pain. I just wanted relief. In the end, I got way more than just relief and even found some insight into the cause of my problem. 

I was struggling with a persistent, low-level grade of melancholy and stress that kept me exhausted, impatient, and easily aggravated at my job and with my family. After my session, I felt energetic and joyful, my sense of humour and play returned, and life in general seemed way lighter. I could hardly believe what a difference one session could make! I realize now that I had put off self-care for way too long – and that doesn’t do my loved ones any favours. I already have another session booked and I won’t be waiting until I desperately need another session before I return again. Working with Arne is now part of my overall wellness regime.

My sincere thanks to you,  



“The workshop is valuable for anyone in the healing industry. Being a practitioner for many years, the workshop provided me with some new tools I can use to manage my energy and environment as well as a reminder for some things I might have let lax over the years.

Thank you,
Chellan Clark C.Ht, RCCH”

“The Energy Management Workshop video has changed my practice overnight!  Not only can I see more patients, but I feel like I have more energy than I did before.  The patients benefit from the surplus energy as well, and this has in turn attracted more patients. 

Arne Pedersen’s Energy Management video provides invaluable tips that are presented in a clear and comprehensive way. Any practitioner/service provider who wants to take their practice to the next level will benefit from this workshop!

Lisa Rutherford, DHHP, RHN”

“Hi Arne,

 I attended your Energy Management for Highly Sensitive People workshop at Full Circle and I wanted to share with you what changes I am making. The biggest change 
I have made is in what I wear to work. I was wearing street clothes but now I am wearing scrubs and 
I am noticing a change in how I approach my job.

Also I am consciously grounding myself every day using visualization and going barefoot. I carry a piece of
Black Tourmaline around with me and I intend to purchase a healing hand pendant. I am going right home 
from work and having a healing shower and changing into day off clothes. I have just started all this but I feel positive about it.

Thank you again for the incredible workshop on the 17th, I found it to be very enlightening and interesting. 
Dianna Klinick”

“I took Arne’s 6 session Freedom through Mindfulness program, and I found his delivery and education on mental awareness authentic, effective and easy to grasp. He has a very calm approach and opens a level of comfort and dialogue that is liberating and supportive. I highly recommend his class for learning in a personal and productive way.


“Thank you Arne. Your comprehensive, gentle and insightful presentation tonight was thought-provoking and inspiring, leaving me with useful tools moving forward to enable my vision quest.
All the best,

“I attended Arne’s 6 week Mindfulness Seminar and found it both interesting and helpful. I came to restart a discovery process that I began many years ago, but somehow managed to get sidetracked on. What I was searching for was a way to understand what was holding me back in areas that I knew I needed and wanted to change. I first attended a single session, I like to dip my toes first, and quickly realized I needed to attend the whole 6 week course and I signed up for the next offering. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many like minded individuals, each struggling separately with similar sets of issues. Arne guided us through what is a very abstract concept; that we have two minds and they don’t always cooperate, but at the same time are intrinsically joined. As a mechanical engineer, rooted firmly in the physical, I found most helpful the small allegorical examples that I can recall when I feel emotions that tend me the wrong way. Like the glass screen we all wrote our negative self-thoughts upon, then looked through to see an example of how these negatively charged ideas overlay the reality of our existence. This small tangible idea helps me see that there is truth and then stories I lay over the truth as separate things, not one big mess.

I highly recommend the Mindfulness course to anyone who struggles with negative thoughts, or wonders why they can’t follow through on the self -help they know they so desperately want. Many thanks Arne, your simple but solid explanations rang true for me and moved me many steps forward in my journey, now with a bigger smile on my face. Keep up the good work!


“My sessions with Arne and attending his workshops have been so helpful in a number of ways. He helped me tremendously in preparing my mind and body for surgery over 2 years ago and then in recovering from the surgery. The sessions allowed me to go through a stressful experience with much more ease and grace. I have also found Arne’s hypnotherapy and energy work sessions to be of immense benefit in releasing oneself from old patterns and limitations. His workshops are full of information and also provide opportunities to experience the techniques he teaches. Arne is very sensitive and highly skilled in working with his clients and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for physical, mental/emotional, and/or spiritual growth.
Anne O’Neil”

“Arne has helped me create a healthy relationship with anxiety by using various tools. I have much greater confidence in achieving my personal and professional goals! I have felt ease and hope after each session. Thank you so much, Arne! 


I help you get all the parts of your mind working together on your goals as a team, combined with simple mindfulness tools, meditation practices, spiritual guidance, and homework, to get you grounded back into your body to become reconnected with your emotions and true authentic self with confidence and enthusiasm.


Through Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and spiritual tools, my job is to help you to not only understand what is holding you back, but to then help you get the new messages into the part of your mind that is still running those outdated survival programs, so it understands and supports your current goals instead!

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