Our body speaks to us through pain, such as when we put our hands on a hot stove the pain tells us to remove them very quickly to avoid getting burned. Or maybe we push ourselves physically way too much on a hike or a workout and the next day are limping with knee pain which is our body telling us that we pushed ourselves too much.

We understand this quite clearly with physical pain, but what about with mental or emotional pain? Yes, our mind does the same thing by communicating to us that something is wrong or out of balance. We might be dwelling on some negative thought pattern, or not speaking our truth or not setting a boundary somewhere, or stress building up expressing through anxiety, or maybe we have been on the computer too long and overstimulated in your head with logical thinking?

When we feel mentally or emotionally unhappy this is our mind telling us we are out of balance and in a stressed state in some way. When you notice this happening ask yourself questions like: 

  • Have I been focussing on this too long, do I need a break? 
  • Am I dwelling on something negative? 
  • Do I need to have a conversation with this person to resolve what I am feeling? 
  • Do I need to get up and move my body more to get some energy moving to create some balance? 

Simply asking yourself what you can do to create some mental and emotional balance will open up some great feeling solutions, and your body feelings and intuition will guide you better and better the more you practice!

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