If you are ever feeling stuck in stress and want to stop this then it may be time to step back to view the bigger picture and adjust your path to where you are wanting to go! This is like being lost in the woods, that if we can get up high above the thick of the forest to some viewpoint we can then get more clarity on a better direction to take. When we are stuck in stress or negativity it is like being stuck in the thick forest where we can’t see anything but the tangles we are caught in. When we are feeling stuck, just taking a breather will center our attention back to a grounded and calm state. From our center we can clearly see all around us, that the stress and negativity of our thoughts were just blocking us from where we were wanting to go and from how we were wanting to feel. Connecting back to our breathing for just a short bit will support more calmness and ease, which will re-connect us to our inner spaciousness and full potential that comes from being present with where we really are, rather than from perceiving life through negativity. From this place of inner calm comes wisdom and clarity to navigate with purposeful intention more directly towards our goals.

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