We are so used to doing the same old things each week that by doing this we keep strengthening these habits and routines to repeat themselves. When we do this we won’t have any room for experiencing anything new because all our time is allotted only to past repetition.

If you are feeling unfulfilled and want to experience some more fun and excitement, then you need to make some regular time each week to allow some new experiences into your schedule.

To do this take the time to get out and try something that you have never done before, or do something a new way than you have ever done before. This will open you up to new and exciting ways to experience yourself through different life experiences. This will bring with it higher levels of joy and fulfillment you would have never experienced doing your regular old thing.

 Without doing anything new how can we ever support further experiences that lead to excitement and enthusiasm?  So go ahead and give it a try right away, you’ll be happy you did!

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