As I was recently walking in the forest I came across an old memory of a place I used to take Bailey the dog. There was a tree that had freshly blown down and we walked out along it. I think it is over twenty years ago now and the tree is still there, but it is all rotted now.

Bailey was so filled with love and excitement for life. The first time I took her hiking was up island and we had such a fun time together. The next time I took her there she got so excited when we turned down that road as she realized we were going to that same special place. She began to bark like a seal with uncontrollable excitement. I remember the feeling of happiness that we shared together on all those hikes, and especially her excitement each time I came to visit.

That tree we walked along so many years ago was in my mind just like yesterday. I walked out along it and Bailey followed me the whole way to the end. I turned around and then she did the same with some difficulty not falling off. That was just one of those special moments that I will never forget! Especially how excited and happy the look on her face was through the adventure.

As I now look at this old rotted log I wondered where the years went. It was still there, but now broken in half. You might say it was dead, but as I looked closer I saw moss, small plants, and ant holes. This tree was not dead, it was just expressing life in a different was as a vessel to support new life on it. Looking at this aged log made me realize just how much older I am now from when Bailey and I were there with those excitable smiles as we walked along it.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming with joy and sometimes fear, but through all that happens it is comforting to know that we are more than just this human form and our life experiences. If we go into our breathing, beyond our thoughts, memories, and beliefs that we are our body into the deeper essence of what we are, we will find comfort within. The deeper you look inside yourself the more stillness and inner peace you will find and this will bring higher levels of joy and happiness into every area of your life. The more we connect to this inner peace, that when challenging things in life happen such as loosing our youth through the aging process ourselves, the more we will be able to meet these experiences with acceptance, peace and joy. This peace becomes a deep trust in the divine process of life knowing that even after we leave this earth, we are still an important part of the whole, as our light will live on through the hearts of those we have touched.

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