We commonly push problems aside and wonder why it didn’t get better. The truth is, how can we ever solve a problem if we are not fully aware of how it is happening and what is causing it?

It is important to be present enough with our problems to understand the nature of how they are happening before we take action, otherwise we will just react to them automatically the usual way we always do with similar results.

Once we fully understand our problem we can then reorient our attention onto a solution that is appropriate. How do we do this? By practicing being more present and available to focus our attention on how our problem is happening. A simple awareness practice will accomplish this, and before you know it you will be able to resolve problems with really great mindful solutions.

Just sit and focus on your breathing. Observe the inner felt sensations of your lungs expanding and contacting. Place your awareness, attention, and focus outward from your breathing into other parts of your body and just accept, allow, and experience what you feel. This will cultivate mindfulness skills that will help you not only resolve problems easier, but support you to feel much better about yourself, your life, and support you to make friends with your feelings and emotions along the way.

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