Do We Believe We Can Heal? Episode #32

Do We Believe We Can Heal?

We want our body to heal, but if we do not have a belief system that supports that enough, then it could be limited!

Have you ever picked up a dry stick and snapped it in half? That seems pretty final doesn’t it! But think of a broken leg or arm, we don’t even think twice about that being able to heal, because that is just a given to us in our current belief systems. Since our autonomic nervous system is responsible for our healing, and our subconscious mind is what gives it the signals of what to do, then having a belief that things will go bad can significantly influence the outcome!

Think of this another way, if we have the belief that we are unworthy, a bad person, or not good enough, then this belief can significantly influence our body’s ability to heal because the core belief is that we do not deserve it, so our belief structure supports that to happen.

If deep down you just do not feel happy, or not good enough, or that bad things just happen to you, and good things only happen to others, then this may be an area that needs some loving attention. Self love, Self Attention, and Self Care. Listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Ask your body what you need, and follow it’s instructions.

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I hope you enjoyed this video & article,


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