Healing Chronic Pain Requires A Supportive Environment Of Self Care - Episode #31

Healing Chronic Pain Requires A Supportive Environment Of Self Care

In order for children to thrive and grow into their fullest potential, they need an environment from their parents that will support this. If they do not have a supportive environment then a lot of energy goes to coping through not getting their needs met. I am not just talking about food, shelter and clothing. I am talking about emotional, mental, and spiritual. If they are not supported to be who they are, through what they feel, and in what they are interested in and want to do, then they cannot thrive no matter how much their bare essentials are met.

This is the same for ourselves. This supportive environment required for a child is created by their parents and care givers by creating a supportive space for the fullness of who they are and growing into. As an adult the same environment is still needed, but with only one difference, that they have to create and give that space to themselves. This is called Self Care! Without the full balance of healthy self care, how can we expect to thrive? We just cannot do so when we do not have the space that supports all of what we need, who we are, and who we are growing into. Without that we can only cope and get by at best! And if we are just getting by on some needed level, then how can their be enough energy in our reserves to support healing of chronic pain? In fact, with what I talked about last week, that the physical or emotional pain or issue may be a message from our body and subconscious mind that we are not getting some inner needs met that we need!

Are you giving yourself the loving time, attention, appreciation, acceptance, acknowledgement, and affection that you need to thrive? What would that require to do so? Think about that for a bit. It could look something like this:

- Enough self reflective time

- Time with loved ones

- Time pursuing your hobbies

- Time pursuing your dreams

- Time relaxing when you are tired

- Eating foods that make you feel good

- Pursuing inner goals that feed your soul

- Taking a warm bath

- Reading a book you enjoy

You ad some for yourself!

In the box at the top of this page there is a free hypnosis audio sampler that will help you let go of the stresses that keep us stuck in the coping state, to help you reorient back to the state of homeostasis (health, ease, creativity, and regeneration).

Just in case you are interested, I have a lot of videos on my youtube channel. You might want to check them out and subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrY_GQAjTaprjlQZKuNP-xQ

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