What is my body pain communicating to me? - Episode #30

What is my body pain communicating to me? - Episode #30

There are many reasons why we can have chronic emotional and physical pain or body issues. I want to offer a perspective of awareness in a new way that may be very helpful. When we feel pain, our body is speaking to us, but what is it saying? As a hypnotherapist and an Energy Healer, often when a person comes to me they are feeling emotional and physical pain. Often the emotional pain started and then the physical pain followed. It can happen in reverse where there was an accident and then the resulting pain and life changes resulted in emotional pain on top of it, but either way, our body has the answers to re-balancing itself back to a healthy state.

I think that the more we can learn what the pain is connected to, the root cause of why it is happening, or why it is not getting better, then the more we can take action to support whole Mind/Body/Spirit healing.

Suppose someone was trying to get your attention, but you did not see or hear them doing so. If it was important enough they would talk a little louder and maybe wave their arms next time, but if you don’t hear them they would have to take more drastic actions of perhaps getting physical with you to get your attention. Suppose it is like this with our body, that it sends us subtle messages that what we are doing, or the lack of something we are needing to do but not doing, is causing our body to get out of balance, and since it is a mind-blowing amazing mechanism of intelligence it knows that if we sustain this there will be a problem, then it must also have a way to let us know. Suppost that the only means of communication it has with us is through our feelings. Suppose it sends unhappy enotions, but we just get unhappier and keep doing the problem anyways, so then it starts making us feel un-well physically here and there as well. We do not get it, and so it then sends more pain more often, but we do not understand because we have been taught to ignore our own inner feelings and buck it up, so on and on it goes until we have a very obvious base problem and set of symptoms on top of that that we cannot ignore!

Suppose it is like that! and chronic pain & body issues are actually a symptom of us ignoring our emotional or physical well being in some way or other? If this is true, then what if we were able to ask our body and it tell us what we need to do, and then if we did, we would slowly heal, would you do that? And if so, how would you ask and decipher the communication with your body to do so??

It is called intuition, speaking through your body sensations, your gut feeling, and your hearts guidance! You know: “I just had a little feeling in the back of my mind that I shouldn't have done that!”, or, “I just know I should do that, but….!". Every decision you have made that turned out badly, or left you feeling badly about yourself, I bet that in hind sight there was a little feeling or voice inside that you ignored or discounted that told you not to do it! How many times does this need to add up before our body needs to send us some real pain to get our attention?

Awareness practice connects us to our body, which connects us to our body feelings, which is the language used to communicate with us. The more we practice checking in, the better we learn to hear. The more we hear, and the more we follow the guidance, the more skilled we will get at following our intuition, and we will see how it will guide us away from disharmony, and towards harmony. This goes for our long term health and healing challenging body issues as well!

Are you struggling with chronic pain? It took me over a decade to start learning how to heal the chronic pain that I had, but once I figured out what was keeping me from healing and how to change that, results began to happen quickly! and I want to share what I learned with you so you can heal you challenges too! If you missed my Self Healing Chronic Pain & Body Issues Workshop last week, then I suggest my online DIY version on my website. I will walk you through a very powerful system that will change your life! I wish I had this program years ago, but I didn't, so I had to create it myself!

Go to my Online Video Programs page

Make sure to join me for next weeks exciting episode into another area of Self Healing Chronic Pain!

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