Turning on Growth and Regeneration State - Episode #29

Healing Chronic Pain - Turning On Growth & Regeneration State - Episode #29

This next 6 week theme is based on my online and in-person workshop of Self Healing Chronic Pain. Last week I talked about how when we are caught in the everyday stresses of life, that our fight or flight survival system is on. This state takes a lot of energy, and when it is running when there is not any actual threat to our immediate well being, all our available energy is being consumed by false alarms that keep going off. When we are in survival mode our body is using up all our available energy that is being diverted from other systems, which limits growth and regeneration. In survival mode our body does not have the full capacity to heal.

When we can turn off fight or flight to allow homeostasis (growth, Regeneration, and creativity) to resume, then our body has the highest capacity to heal because our energy is not available to do so. To do this we just need to take the time to focus inwards to be with our breathing and inner feeling sensations that are happening in our body. This calms our sympathetic nervous system of fight of flight. When we do this we are allowing and experiencing what we feel, which communicates to our subconscious mind that it is safe, and then homeostasis can turn back on. When this happens all our energy is then available for growth, regeneration, creativity, and thriving.

Next week is on: How to recognize false alarm fight or flight when there is actually no danger, and how to turn it off

#chronicpain #Mindfulness #selfhealing #stressrelief

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