What blocks healing Chronic pain?

What blocks healing? - Episode #28

New 6 week theme on Healing Chronic Pain

Our immune system has an amazing capacity to keep balance in the human body, but at times long periods of stress can significantly effect it's ability to maintain balance and a full healing capacity. Our autonomic nervous system is run by our subconscious mind. Within this system are two sub systems called the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (homeostasis) nervous systems. When we are caught in stress our subconscious mind is perceiving life as threatening in some way or other. This triggers our sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight/survival to take over and deal with the threat. This is wonderful, as it supports survival, but it takes a significant amount of energy from the body that would otherwise be used from growth, regeneration, calm/rational/positive thinking, and creativity.

When it has become a long term habit of being caught in stress and focusing on things that we do not like, or feeling not good enough, not worthy, or that we are a bad person that does not deserve good things in life, this will keep our survival system turned on, and our mind stuck in perpetual worry. I believe the best way to support healing is to help our healing state of homeostasis do its job as much as possible, but to do this we need to get our sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight to turn off when not needed.

The more we practice mindful self care to keep stress from building up, the more our survival system will just remain off until there is a real threat, rather than just stuck in continuous daily overstimulation from constant negative thoughts and judgements of life that trigger the stress/survival response to stay on. A meditation practice is incredibly helpful to do this, because if we are not practiced enough in being aware of how our thoughts and actions are effecting our minds trigger switch to either be in survival or growth/regeneration mode, then how can we support our body to heal to its fullest capacity?

This Sunday I am putting on an exciting and informative 4 hour workshop that will help you learn all about this exciting information. In a nutshell here is some info:

- Learn how we can get stuck in non-healing

- How to release the blocks that inhibit natural healing

- How to turn on growth/regeneration healing state - Self Energy Healing techniques.

For more info or to register click this link to go to my workshops page

Next weeks episode is on how to turn on Homeostasis, our growth and regeneration state.

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