Healing Unresolved Trauma - Highlights - Episode #27

Healing Unresolved Trauma - Highlights

(1) Cellular memory - Releasing the past - Episode #21:

In healing unresolved trauma, it would be helpful to first take a quick look into what that is and how it can cause holding patterns that keep it in place.

When we experience something that is too much to process, or we are not supported through it, our autonomic nervous system dissociates us from the feeling, and subconscious survival behaviours/habits are created to help us cope through the trauma that we were not able to resolve. This is mostly just a feeling that we were not able to be with, and through the survival system that disconnects us from these unbearable feelings that we could not process at the time, they get stuck in our psyche and cellular memory. Each time something happens that subconsciously reminds us of the unresolved trauma, the coping mechanism is activated and our mind, then body, goes into resistance to avoid that feeling experience. This causes tension in the body, and holds the energy of the unresolved feeling sensations of the unhealed trauma in place.

When we go into our body and allow the felt sensations of our breathing and body feelings, our body will go into a state of allowing and the stuck and unprocessed energy from the past is able to move and start the letting go process. The more we practice allowing, accepting, and experiencing our inner body felt sensations, the more the past will be processed and released, freeing us to feel directly what life brings to us in the moment without it being tainted by unresolved wounds from the past..

(2) Self Energy Healing - Episode #22

Being that everything is patterns and frequencies of vibrating energy, including our body and emotions, then we can use our mind to imagine light filling our whole body up with high frequencies, and fill up our energy reserves so that with the surplus, fight or flight can turn off and homeostasis, growth and regeneration state, can turn on. Energy flows where our attention goes, so when we focus the energy visualization into our body sensations, this directs energy back into the body, rather than to thoughts of worry and fear in our mind. This re-associates our connection back to our body into homeostasis.

(3) Thriving Vs Surviving - Episode #23

Surviving =

- Stress

- Tension

- Resistance

- Worry/fear/judgement/pessimism

- Coping with life

- Defending because we are low on energy

Old fears or lack of self worth programs from the past create perceptions of fear and worry that trigger the sympathetic fight or flight stress response

Thriving =

- Ease

- Expansion

- Growth/regeneration

- Plentiful energy

- Accepting of life

- Open/excited/enthusiasm

- Abundance of creativity

Sends message to mind that it is safe, to turn off fight or flight, and turn back on Homeostasis. Hypnotherapy, and or awareness practice will help you do this.

(4) The Door Is Wide Open To Change Limiting Subconscious Triggers - Episode # 24

When we feel triggered into anxiety, stress, or negative thoughts, right at that moment our survival programs have just been triggered by how we are perceiving life as a threat in that moment. This means that the file folder in the subconscious mind that runs the fight or flight coping strategy that was just turned on is now open and accessible to us! This means that when we feel an emotional stress/fear trigger, if we first mindfully asses if it is safe with no immediate threat to our well being in that moment, we can realize that it is an irrational fear based on a past unresolved trauma, and not based on what is currently happening at all. At that moment we have power, and can recalibrate and heal this fear response to become more appropriate to the circumstance. I help people do this through Hypnotherapy, but you can also do this over time through regular awareness practice.

(5) Stretching Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is Where Your Freedom Is - Episode #25

Our subconscious mind protects us from reliving past traumas by trying to keep us small and inside the protective bubble of our comfort zone. This space may have helped us survive or cope through emotional difficulties when we were small, but now this bubble is restricting us from being our full potential. It will trick us into thinking that stepping out of it is dangerous, which is why we often fall short of completing our goals and feel bad about ourselves. This is surviving, or coping at best.

If we want to thrive to experience the fullness of what we are by following our desires, all we have to do is brave new steps outside of our limiting bubble and trust that our body is designed to handle and process whatever feelings that will arise through taking new steps that we are not used to. If we want our lives to change, we have to be willing to change!

Again, awareness practice. Feel our inner body sensations. Allowing and experiencing them will build emotional competence to support us to keep stepping into new experiences.

(6) Healing Requires A Supportive Environment - Episode #26

A plant cannot thrive in an unsupportive environment. At best it can only survive. We are the same. If when we were children, if we learned to feel bad about ourselves, afraid to be who we are, or hide our true selves or feelings behind a mask, then chances are we did not have a supportive enough environment that we required to confidently reach our fullest potential! We can create this supportive environment for ourselves now.

Bruce Lipton, who wrote "The Biology Of Belief" was a cellular biologist, and in the late 1960s he was doing experiments with stem cells that changed the history of science. He put stem cells in a petre dish and put the dish in an unhealthy environment and they got sick. He then put them in a healthy environment and they got well. He learned that with humans it was not just the environment that was responsible for how our genes expressed themselves, but it was our perception of it!

This means that if we see life as a fearful and unsupportive place, with beliefs of not feeling good enough, or not worthy, then our biology will over time match these beliefs and become less well because we will be merely surviving, or coping at best, as we will be running mostly from our sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight. If we perceive life as fully supportive and safe, we will be thriving and have a surplus of creative, and growth/regeneration energy, and be thriving.

From our thoughts we are perceiving life through our programs. From inner body acceptance of our felt sensations, we will be living life through the flow, ease, and wisdom of our heart. Awareness practice is the key. Focusing inwards, allowing, and accepting our inner body sensations lets go of resistance to life. When we allow and accept what is in life, we turn off fight or flight, and homeostasis thriving growth state resumes!

My passion is helping people learn how to do this through one on one Hypnotherapy, online, and in-person workshops.


For more of this exciting journey, join me on Sunday, Feb 16th for my Self-Healing Chronic Pain workshop. For more info and to register see workshops page:


Next weeks episode is: Healing Chronic Pain

Thank you, Arne Pedersen Awareness in Health Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, and Mindfulness Teacher

The key to your health is within

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