Healing Requires A Supportive Environment - Episode #26

Healing Requires A Supportive Environment

A plant can’t thrive in an environment that is unhealthy for it. It may be able to survive at most. When it has the most supportive environment that it requires it can then thrive and grow into its most expansive and healthy version of itself!

Bruce Lipton who wrote the book, The Biology Of Belief, talks about his experiments with stem cells in the late 1960s, which led to huge shifts in our understanding of how it is not our genes that control our biology, but how we perceive our environment that is the strongest governing factor in how the cells in our body will either support health or sickness.

He had a petri dish with stem cells in it and noticed that when he put it in a toxic environment the cells would become really un-well, and even morph into weird mutations. Then when he put the same petri dish of dying cells in a healthy supportive environment they became healthy again on their own without doing anything else. He proved that with humans this was the case, but not quite so cut and dry. It wasn’t just a healthy or unhealthy environment, it was whether perceived or real. This means that if we are in a supportive and health environment, but perceive it as a fearful and unsupportive place, then our subconscious mind will trigger our sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight response, and the cells in our body will act according to that message.

What this means is that yes, it is important to be in a physically healthy environment to support health, harmony, and healing, but perhaps even more important, we need to be in an inner healthy emotional state for that to be experienced and do us any good.

This is why it is important to practice being mindfully accepting with our inner emotional & body feeling environment, because without that, we will perceive life without acceptance and instead with resistance, and the result is that our autonomic nervous system will be triggered into fight or flight. As always, I highly recommend you start a daily awareness practice to allow, accept, and fully experience your body feelings and sensations. Doing this will create the supportive environment that will not only turn off fight or flight, but turn homeostasis back on, but also bring emotional confidence into everything you do, which becomes a healthy and supportive world, rather than a threatening and unsafe world. Not only will this support your body to be in a healthy state of homeostasis, but you will feel so much more happy and fulfilled in everything that you do.


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Next weeks episode is tying together the whole 6 week theme of “Healing Unresolved Trauma”. I will be talking about all the main points of each episode to be able to put it all together into a very doable process!

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