Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is Where Your Freedom Is: Episode #25

Stretching out of your comfort zone is where your freedom is

If we have some old unresolved trauma or fears still holding us back, then in some ways our lives will be unconsciously structured around these fears to help us avoid situations that could potentially bring up similar feelings of that old trauma. We are so used to doing this that we don’t even notice, as it is what we are used to; but if we want to let these old limiting patterns go we need to step out of our familiar comfort zone into the new. This will trigger emotional fears of the unknown, but this is normal, as those old subconscious programs that were designed to keep us away from reliving the experience that caused the trauma in the first place will perceive the un-nown as threat-ful.

When a child is scared, what is the best thing an adult can do to help them? It is to reassure and support them with loving guidance through the situation and feelings they're experiencing. This allows them to learn emotional competence, that when they feel something scary, they can assess the situation to decide the most appropriate action, and guide themselves through what they are feeling in the process. This requires them to become ok with stepping out of their comfort zone into the unknown. This is how inner self confidence and self esteem are cultivated.

How do we give this support to ourselves? We give that same loving support/space to ourselves to build emotional competence. This requires willingness to step into new directions, assess appropriate action, and allow ourselves to feel what we feel through the process… not pushing it away or rushing the experience, just allowing and feeling it as the process unfolds, which will tell our subconscious mind that the perceived situation is safe, which will turn off the sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight to re-establish homeostasis. By doing this our world will grow bigger and bigger possibilities of what we can experience and accomplish. Pretty worth it I think!

The door is wide open during these triggered feelings, so might as well use it to heal the old trauma rather than re-enforce it to continue!


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Next weeks episode #26: Healing Environment to Support healing

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