The Door IS Wide Open To Change Unconscious Triggers - Episode #24

The door is wide open to change unconscious triggers

Have you ever been triggered into a helpless reactive emotional state? This is simply a program in our subconscious mind that has activated because it perceives the current experience as a threat, so it activates a survival stress response to prepare you for the danger and get you out of there. If it is a real threat, perfect job survival program! But what if it is just a false alarm that keeps going off way too much and kind-of got stuck on red alert? Here is a perspective that may help you to re-program that survival response back to a more realistic level.

When we are in a triggered emotional state, the door is wide open in our subconscious minds fight or flight survival program at that exact moment it is activated and running. This means that if you practice, you can remain consciously present and go into the feeling to process through it rather than be helplessly thrown into the pit of loins. This means that with mindful awareness practice, you can adjust the fight or flight stress response by breathing as full and calmly as possible while focusing on the feeling sensations in your body, which will tell your subconscious mind that the thing it is feeling threatened by is safe by your calm physical response to it, and the emotional perception filter in the subconscious will be adjusted with practice to align with your new physical response behaviour.

In Episode #7, I talk about how to use our breathing to reprogram the fight or flight response. It complements what I just talked about:

If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic pain or a physical body issue, this workshop I am putting on Sun Feb 16th may be a perfect fit!

Self-Healing Chronic Pain & Body: See my Workshops page, or:

Next weeks episode: Stretching out of our comfort zone is where our freedom is!

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