Thriving Vs Surviving - Episode #23

Thriving Vs Surviving

What is the difference between Surviving and Thriving? Basically surviving is just coping and not anything beyond that. Many of us get stuck in a state of stress upon stress with a sense of unease or tension and just get used to it thinking it is normal. This is surviving, running with the sympathetic nervous system (fight of flight stress state) activated to deal with whatever we are coping with.

Thriving is when we are in homeostasis where there is a sense of ease rather than stress. In this state no energy is being diverted to coping, so all energy is now available for thriving above and beyond survival. When there is no real or perceived worry or threat to our well being the sympathetic nervous system of survival turns completely off and we resume our natural state of ease. This is where growth, regeneration, and creativity take place.

When there was a past trauma that has not fully been resolved, our subconscious mind still has that unresolved emotional energy stuck within our psyche, which can trick our perceptions from the old belief that there is still danger lurking… because as far as it is concerned there is, as the coping strategies that were created to help us deal with the traumatizing event are still running because they were never resolved and are sill there, so a threat is still perceived.

Rather than let the old unresolved coping programs from our subconscious mind trigger us helplessly into yellow or red alert whenever there is something that we see or feel that unconsciously reminds us of the old unresolved trauma, we can take conscious action and practice turning this survival system completely off after we mindfully assess it is safe. This will help our state of homeostasis resume and take over so we can live a happy and fulfilling life.

To do this we just need to re-connect back into our body sensations so whenever we feel anything at all, we are present with the feelings and can feel them all the way through until they release and let go. When we meditate on our breathing and simply practice sitting with and allowing whatever arises within us, we are not only turning off fight or flight through the state of accepting and allowing, we are also turning on homeostasis. Over time we will get better and better at doing this, and our subconscious mind and body will get used to the state of ease and inner relaxation that we will start bringing that into everything we do.

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***Next episode is: When we are triggered into a stressful emotional state, the door is wide open to the survival programs in the subconscious mind where we can mindfully calibrate them back to homeostasis.

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