Self Energy Healing to heal trauma

Self Energy Healing to Help Heal Trauma - Episode #22

Last week I talked about how through past experiences that were too emotionally difficult to process through, our subconscious mind turned on fight or flight and dissociated us from our body to help us cope and survive the difficulty. This diverts our available life force energy from growth and regeneration to our survival programs and if prolonged drains our body to such a point that there is not enough energy anymore to healthily process emotional challenges, or support our immune system in growth and body repair. This simply adds trauma upon unresolved trauma.

Since our subconscious mind perceived a threat and was able to divert our available energy to survival mode, we can consciously use this same mind power to do self energy healing visualizations to re-direct energy back into our body where it belongs, so it can resume emotional healing, growth, repair, and creative harmony.

Simply find a safe and comfortable place you can sit for 15-20 min undisturbed. Follow your breathing in and out with slow and deep breaths until you feel connected to your body. Now imagine, or think of the sun being above you and shinning its warmth on your head. Then imagine the sun light filling up the inside of your head, and slowly expanding and moving its warmth and brightness down your neck and into your chest as you feel your lungs filling up with light upon each breath. Then Think of the energy being ever expansive as the sun is, and that it has plenty to go around, so it can fill up your arms, lower torso, and whole body. Breath the warm feeling down into your stomach with slow diaphragm breaths. Then imagine the suns warming light moving down into your legs and filling your whole body head to toe.

As you imagine this light, think of the glow as though you were really illuminated by the suns healing light. Imagine the feeling of the warmth in your whole body, and how all your energy is returning that was previously going to fight or flight stress programs. Your whole body is building up with a surplus of energy, light, and your face is lite up with the glowing smile of harmony. Now imagine being in a future circumstance that previously may have caused you stress, but you are filled with light, so you find yourself being creative and expanding this light from your body into the stressful situation and filling it with this warm glow. Think of how good that would feel to be able to fill the situation with the light of harmony, and what the glowing smile on your face would look like if you were able to witness seeing this from outside yourself. As you do this the will of your consciousness is illuminating harmony into your body, and the situation. Since energy flows where your attention goes, you are co-creating the intention for your present and future to be filled with plenty of light and energy of harmony, and since our tomorrows are created by how we look and feel about ourselves and life today, you are planting future seeds of growth and harmony.

Any time you are feeling the effects of inner conflict, stress, or self doubt, bring in this light and see how it raises your energy and vibration to higher more confident place. Whenever the sun is out, feel it on your face and imagine it filing your entire body and being with it’s warmth and brightness.

Let me know what you thought of this energy healing visualization.

Next episode is on: Thriving Vs Surviving

And as always, there is a free Hypnosis Sampler on "Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety" in the signup box in my top header.

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