Career Performance - Episode #20

Career Performance Episode #20 - Overview of last 6 videos before we move to a new theme

Add all these tactics together to up-level your success in your work, relationships, or personal life.

Episode #14: Radical Self Care

If you want to raise your house up, you need to make sure the foundation is stable enough to support the changes. This is the same with making changes in our lives, we first need to raise our self care enough to support the higher levels of emotional experience that our desired change with bring.

Episode #15: Setting and Achieving Goals

We need to look at the essence of our desired goal and match each step we take with the emotional energy of what we want. When we get to the completion of our goal, it will be the essence of the sum total of every step we took to create it. This especially goes for our emotions, because the sum total of what emotional energy we brought into each step is what we will feel when we achieve our goal.

Episode #16: Synchronicities - Aligning with flow

Stress and judgement stop flow. When we go into our body and practice allowing and accepting our inner body sensations, we are practicing accepting ourselves, and life. This opens flow to allow synchronicities to happen.

Episode #17: One Area of Our Life can Hold Us Back In The Other Areas

The stuck areas of our lives are like an elastic, they are creating the hold of resistance, and when we try to stretch other areas forward beyond the stuck areas, we can only go so far before the elastic gets tight and pulls us back. We have to level up the stuck areas to allow the other areas to get freed up to expand forward.

Episode #18: What got you here can’t get you there

You can’t keep repeating the same old thing expecting different results. We have to let go of what got us here, and raise our emotions and actions to align with where we want to go.

Episode #19: If You Can’t Handle Where You Are, How Can You Handle More?

We need to first become emotionally competent where we are to have the confidence to handle the emotions that will arise when we step out of our comfort zone to do more.


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Next Weeks Episode is a new 6 week theme on Letting Go Of Unresolved Trauma: Episode #21 - Cellular Memory - Releasing The Past

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