What got you here can't get you there, episode #18

What Got You Here Can’t Get You There!

If you worked towards and achieved a goal, then you had to take specific steps and actions to get where you wanted to go. You probably had a vision, or idea of what you wanted, then you let go of old ways and headed into the new direction. Now that you have done that, if you keep doing the same steps that got you there with the next goal, you are just going to repeat the results of trying to re-create the past goal.

Einstein said: "We can’t solve a problem from the same line of thinking that created it”. It is the same here, that we cannot create a future goal from the same line of thinking that got you where you are either. You have to create a new vision, and then step out of the old and into the new to create the new!

If we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we always got!

If we put together a jigsaw puzzle to create the vision of a horse in a meadow, and then wanted to experience the castles of Scotland, we could not do so from the same steps and pieces that created the horse in the meadow. We would have to put together pieces that aligned with the source of what we wanted to create, which in this case is the essence of castles in Scotland. It seems similar, taking steps towards what we want, but the end vision is different, and requires us to meet each step differently.

We need to get a clear vision of what our new goal is, then let go of the old way, and bring the new goal into each step, unleveling our energy and actions to match the new direction. If we follow the same old pattern that worked to get us here, we will just keep experiencing the same old station.


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Next weeks episode is on achieving goals: If you have difficulty where you are, how can you handle more?

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