Episode #19 - If you can’t handle where you are, how can you handle more?

If you can’t handle where you are, how can you handle more?

Imagine, you are just barely managing carrying two really big bags of groceries all the way home, but you have no cart or car and two more bags to carry. You decide that you are going to try to carry it all at once, but it just all goes sideways into a pile on the ground. If we can’t handle carrying what we got, we know that trying to carry a lot more will turn into a disaster right!

Imagine this as your emotions and not bags of groceries. You can barely hold it together doing what you normally do, but you decide you want to do way more. It will end in the same way, but instead of it becoming a pile of groceries on the ground, it will be a puddle of emotions, perhaps tears or anger!

If you want to grow your ability to manage more outside your current comfort zone, maybe wanting to achieve a career goal or something, you need to practice handling where you are enough until you are fully competent there before challenging yourself with more. This will build emotional confidence that will support you to be able to handle the increased emotional pressure of doing more when the time is right, rather than supporting a lack of confidence that leads to more feelings of failure. To do this you just need to practice accepting and allowing your emotional feeling sensations in your body, become familiar and even comfortable with them. Just like getting good at anything else, this will take regular practice.

Body awareness practice: Follow your breathing sensations in and out. Find a place within the center of your chest that you can anchor your continued awareness to as you feel your lungs expand and contract. Notice how your thoughts want to pull you off anywhere and everywhere to keep your attention away from feeling your breathing. Just notice, and guide your attention back into your breathing sensations. You are practicing centering your attention back into your body, rather than practicing what you think of and don’t like about what you feel.

As you practice this, over time you will get used to meeting, allowing, accepting, and experiencing your feeling sensations, which will build a healthy relationship with your emotions. This will create confidence in being okay with what you feel. If you feel more, you notice and experience more. If less, you notice and experience less. In time, when you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone your capacity will be stronger and able to handle more, because you became comfortable with where you are, and now able to carry more emotional feeling.

***In the above top header box you will find a FREE Hypnotherapy sampler audio called: Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety”. If you fill out your name and e-mail you will get this audio, and it will help you make friends with your body and emotions, which will help your comfort zone stretch wider so you can handle more.

*** Next weeks episode is an overview of the last 6 weeks main theme on: Up-leveling work & Career Performance

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