One area of our life can hold us back in all the other areas - Episode #17

One area of our life can hold us back in all the other areas

If you are feeling stuck at work, in your career, or business and can’t seem to move forward to where you want, it may be another area of your life holding you back. Write down all the main areas of your life and assess them on a scale of 1-10. For example, if you are having trouble with your relationship, or stressed at home for some reason, then in the back of your mind you will carry these stresses with you into all the other areas of your life.

It is like stretching an elastic band. It can only stretch so far away from the end that is not moving. The further you pull it the more the tension wants to pull you back. The more you stretch it the thinner and more stressed it gets. This is like life. If that one area is stuck in a stressed place, you are already maxed out. We can only go so far above that feeling in all the other areas because a part of us is stuck holding us back in that emotion.

The solution is to shine some light on the area that is causing you stress, and bring in some loving attention with added self care (see my previous videos on self care). See how you can re-frame, or adjust it to strengthen the foundation in this area so it can support healthy change forward.

Remember, as you go into this area with the intention of change, take some time first to meditate into your breathing to being in loving acceptance and flow as you ground fully into your body. Our point of power is in the present, so when we are grounded and present into our body awareness, we are in a good place to see what is going on, and more able to bring loving attention and change into the area that is in need. This will free up the block to level up closer to the other areas of your life, giving you much more forward direction to stretch yourself into new directions and positive changes.

Next weeks episode is on: What got you here can’t get you there

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