Episode #16 - Synchronicities - Aligning with flow

Synchronicities - Aligning with Flow

In Life and business success we want good things to flow to us. When things just seem to line up in amazing ways we call this a synchronicity. Really we are just aligned with flow and open to receive it when it comes. On a deeper level, we are aligning with the source of what we are, or with life itself. When we are not aligned, flow seems to get stuck and things don’t happen in our favour as often.

How can we align with life if we are trying to force an outcome, or feeling stressed about what we have, or what we do not have. This just causes resistant emotions that stop flow and misalign us with life.

If we go into our breathing and feel the cycles one by one. Breathing in, breathing out. Just feeling our body sensations, just allowing, and just experiencing. When we do this we are practicing the state of allowing, rather than the state of resisting. Allowing opens up flow and brings change, and new. Synchronicities only come from allowing something old to change into a new experience, which requires being okay with what is happening. Whenever we judge or get caught in negative thoughts or stress we are practicing resistance, which cuts off new, and flow. If we want what we want to flow into our lives, we need to be in the state of allowing.

How to practice the state of allowing: Breathing in, breathing out. Just feeling, just allowing, and just experiencing. As I said before, when we do this we are practicing the state of allowing, and now we are open to attract and let in synchronicities.

In creating more specific success in setting a goal or intention for what we want, we can simply get clear with the outcome we want, and then go into the feeling. We can imagine our completed goal and how good it will feel, and then say our intention of what we want out loud. Then we can just let it go and trust the universe with it. Then it is important to go into the breathing/feeling/allowing practice I mentioned above, which is opening ourselves up to the ways the universe will bring our desire to us. It probably will not come in the way we thought, but is some way it will come.

When we are open to our body feelings in the moment, we are also open to life and amazing synchronicities that will come along with it. Synchronicities happen all the time, but we just don’t notice them when we are not open to the state of allowing. If we can desire and imagine it, it must exist on some realm of existence, or how could we imagine it? When we allow, we open up and align with it to enter our experience.

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Next weeks Episode: One problem area of our life can pull down the other areas. Here is how to levelling them up!

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