Achieving Goals Successfully - Episode #15

If we want to more easily achieve the goal that we desire, and feel fulfilled when we have done so, the best way to do this is to take a good look at our goal and get a sense of what the overall essence is of why we want to achieve it. It may seem on the surface that we want to make some money so we can buy some things we want, but when we go deeper into that it is really a sense of freedom without stressing over bills we want that this money will provide.

Maybe we want to get a reputation by others as really knowing what we are doing, but when we go deeper, we realize it is about us feeling confident, worthy, and good about ourselves, and the attention from others in completing this goal would simply affirm that back to us from others acknowledging our success.

Go deep into the true meaning, or motivation behind the goal and write down the essence of why you want to achieve it. Then break the larger picture of the completed goal down into the first step you could take that comes to mind. This will now become your mini goal, which will allow you to set aside the larger goal as a whole. Just focus on this step, making sure that it has the essence of the larger goal in it. Take the step until full completion and acknowledge the success and celebrate the mini goal.

If it was the first example, find a way to bring the sense of freedom into it. If it is the second example, bring the feeling of self satisfaction/accomplishment in doing and completing the step, which will cultivate feeling worthy and successful as we acknowledge a good job in it.

Next step is to ask yourself what the next step is that has the essence of the goal, then repeat. When you complete all the steps, you will have succeeded only to the extent of each step you have taken. At this point in time, the goal as a whole will have been built with the sum total of everything you felt in every step, so that is what you will have. If you instead practice unhappiness, and feeling judgmental about yourself in each step, then even if you complete it, it will be filled with self judgement and unhappiness.

What we practice is what we get!

My Freedom Through Mindfulness Workshop will take you much further into this, and starts this Sunday the 17th! If you can't make it in person, below is a link to my online version, otherwise, make sure sure to reserve your seat to be there, as time is getting short!

Here is the link to the workshop page, where you can register/pay for the workshop with PayPal:

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Next weeks episode: Synchronicity's - Aligning with flow

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