Episode #14 - Radical Self-Care is Key to Up-Leveling Career Success

Radical Self-Care is Key to Up-Leveling Career Success

As an entrepreneur I am really excited about this episode and the following videos in the "Career Performance" series.

Todays episode is on up-leveling our career performance and success!

If you have goals in your business, career, or job, then this video series is for you!

If we want to up level our occupational success, we first need to up-level our foundation of self-care to support the growth in success we want.

You may be a:

Car sales person


In the spa industry feeling tired from working too many hours

In the Government managing a big team

Therapists that are empathically sensitive to others energy

Being introverted in an extroverted occupation with little personal space

If we are stressed at our current state of performance, then we do not have the foundation to handle higher amounts of pressure with the increased steps and responsibility that come with higher levels of success?

When we're stressed out, our subconscious autonomic nervous system activates the sympathetic nervous system (which is fight or flight, or freeze). This burns up our reserves of energy meant for reserves meant for growth and expansion.

When we shut off fight or flight mode, our parasympathetic nervous system (homeostasis) will resumes its natural state of growth and ease, and our subconscious and body returns back to creativity, excitement, enthusiasm, surplus of energy, recuperation and deep sleep.

To turn off survival mode and resume homeostasis requires us to up-level the foundation of self-care. This will support all the steps we will need to do in order to raise our business, career, or job Performance!

Here are some powerful next steps to create Radical Self-Care so you can up-level your performance:

Here is the link I mentioned the the information of my upcoming Freedom Through Mindfulness Workshop on Sun, Nov 17th that I mentioned in the video:


Next weeks Career Performance episode is on: Setting and achieving goals and Intentions

If you are curious to learn more about how the subconscious mind works, and how it may be holding you back in your business, job/career, relationships, or spiritual growth/expansion, then have a look at this video on my website: It not not only talks about how this happens, but as well some effective ways to change these negative programs to get your subconscious mind to support your goals instead of block them:


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