Episode # 13 - Tying the Anxiety & Stress Theme together - highlights

This week we will be re-capping all the episodes we have done in the theme of Anxiety and Stress, as well as tying everything together.

What is Anxiety and Stress?

Stress is the when we are resisting what is happening in the present moment. This is usually experienced in the form of resisting something about a person, place or thing. Often we are trying to keep something from happening that we do not like, or holding onto something or someone we want, or trying to get something or someone we want that we do not have. Either way this is resisting the actual reality of what is happening and wanting something else instead, which ultimately comes down to a feeling we do not like, and wanting another feeling instead.

Resisting and denying feeling is what leads to anxiety, because when we resist feeling it gets stuck in our subconscious mind and muscle memory because the actual experience of it is what allows it to be released.

Breathing and allowing what we feel is what lets go of emotion. Just think of squeezing a sponge tightly and dipping it into the sink of water to see how much it can absorb. We have to loosen our grip on it to allow the tension to be released to open up space for the water to enter. This is the same for allowing feeling to be released. When we follow our breathing and experience the feeling cycle of the sensations we are letting go of resistance that allows for flow of emotion to be experienced and naturally released, which makes room for the new emotional feeling to enter.

F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real

When we have practiced resisting what we feel, old energies from the past that we were not able to fully experience then remain stuck on one level or another. When this happens all the new experiences get mixed up with the old un-processed emotions and our current state of perception gets confused and sees life through the past perceptions of fear that are not actually the current reality. When we learn to be present and aware of what we are feeling and compare it with what is happening, we can separate the irrational fears of the past from the true current reality.

A Negative Mind Will Never Give A Positive Life

When we are so used to focusing negatively on the things we do not want, and how life is not working out the way it is supposed to be, our brains built strong neural networks to support these strong repetitive behaviours to continue. Keep doing what you have always done and you will keep getting what you have always got.

In order to make positive changes we need to stop practicing the behaviour of negativity, and discipline our behaviours towards what feels better, and then our brains will adjust our neural networks to support these healthy changes on a subconscious level, which in turn will support automatic habits of positivity instead.

Allowing and accepting life as it is is how we can create healthy changes. When we resist life we are sending the message to our subconscious mind that life is not ok, and this triggers our autonomic nervous system to turn on our sympathetic nervous system, which is better known as Fight or Flight. When that system is turned on we are not in a relaxed state, we are tense and on high alert, and all our energy and brain power is being diverted to survival. When we stay in fight or flight for extended periods this becomes very unhealthy and draining on our body and mind. When we are in survival mode there is not any energy going to homeostasis; our growth, expansion, creative, and body regenerative state, and we will feel stressed and anxious easily because we are focusing on the threat of danger rather than harmony.

In order to turn the sympathetic survival system off we first need to assess that it is safe. Then we need to get the message into our subconscious mind that it is safe to turn survival mode off. We can do this by following our breathing and body feeling sensations with a gentle allowing, which will become a state of ease. When we are allowing what we feel, and what is happening in our environment, we are practicing accepting and allowing life, and then our subconscious perceptions of danger turn off because there is no perceived threat to trigger our survival switch, and our subconscious mind resumes the parasympathetic thriving state of homeostasis.

All the tools here are the essential backbone of my Freedom Through Mindfulness Program, which I am running on Sunday, November 17th, 2019.

- Mindfulness

- Truth

- Feeling

- Self Discipline

- Congruent Self Talk and positive communication

- Troubleshooting/tying it all together

The freedom Through Mindfulness Program: See me Events page for more details of my in person and online video versions.

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