Allowing and accepting life as it is lets go of Anxiety and Stress - Episode #12

Allowing and accepting life as it is lets go of Anxiety and Stress

In life we are always wanting something with our business, in our job, in our relationships, or life in general. In a way we are always wanting to hold onto something we like, or push away something that we don’t to get something we want. When we do this we are practicing the behaviour of rejecting, or resisting life as it is. We think that if we accept something we do not want that we will be stuck with it, or if we do not hold onto something or someone we want we will loose it…. but in truth, this is the opposite.

If we look at a simple sponge and imagine squeezing it tight and dipping it into the sink we will see that it cannot pick up any water because the resistance of our grip will not allow any space for anything to be absorbed. In life when we are in positive or negative resistance (either holding onto, or pushing away something or someone) we are also not allowing space or breathing room for energy to thrive and stagnation occurs.

Our subconscious mind runs our long term memory, our creative mind, our emotions, involuntary body functions, survival systems. This is our autonomic nervous system. Within this system is our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Our sympathetic nervous system runs survival, which in the case of a real or perceived threat to our wellbeing all of our available energy is diverted to survival. When there is no threat and we are perceiving live as safe, the parasympathetic system pulls the body back into homeostasis, when all of our available energy resumes our growth, creativity, and rejuvenation state. This is really our natural state of thriving, as the sympathetic survival system's job is solely surviving.

When we are not accepting life in some way we are in resistance to what is, and this triggered the sympathetic/survival system to take over until the real or perceived thread is over. When we are in a state of non acceptance/resistance, we can get stuck in the survival state, and there is not enough available energy anymore for our body to thrive and regenerate, and our energy, emotions, and health become compromised. If we want to change this, all we have to do is practice allowing and accepting life and our inner feeling sensations and this will turn off the sympathetic survival system and turn back on the parasympathetic homeostasis thriving system and our health and energy will return.

To do this it is important to have some sort of regular meditation/awareness practice so we are able to train our subconscious mind to know where the state of allowing homeostasis is. When we are in relaxed meditation and practicing allowing and accepting we automatically go into homeostasis. If you do not know how to meditate in a way that facilitates a relaxed state it s helpful to get guidance from someone who does. I have many free videos on my blog page that will help you learn how to do this. Here is the link to one that you may find helpful:

If you really want to learn this with lots of guided instruction and so much more about letting go of stress, I suggest My Freedom Through Mindfulness Program, which I am running again on Sunday, Nov, 17th 2019. Here is the link to it on my website workshops page:

Next weeks episode is Tying Everything Together in the Stress and Anxiety Series. You will want to see this one!

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