Episode #11 - A Negative Mind Will NEVER Give you a Positive Life

A Negative Mind Will NEVER Give you a Positive Life

This episode is about recognizing that if we keep living each day with the same way we have always done, then our tomorrow will be very predictably the same. If we want to make some healthy changes in our lives, we need to be willing to let go of old behaviours to support the change we want!

The pathways in our brain keep firing the same when we practice the same old same old. To support change we need to step off the regular habitual path and create a new one. This will support our brains neural network to change the way it fires that will change our subconscious habits to support the new changes that we are practicing. It is just like walking on the same path across a field that is worn down with years of use. It is so easy to walk on this path, but we know exactly where it will lead us. If we want a new destination we need to take a new path. It takes a lot of effort to navigate a new path that does not exist yet, but if we stick it out day in and day out with the knowing that it will become habitual, in time with repetition it will become well worked in, and the old one will grow over. This is the same with the neural pathways in our brain that fire energy to run our movements. The old way of being will fade away as the new one begins to take over as it integrates into our subconscious long term memory.

The best way to make change is to make a conscious choice to do so in a mindful direction that will support the new way we want our life to be. We need to be present and disciplined with practicing the new behaviour until it becomes habit. Being present with our body during this process is vitally important, and will make the changes sink into our subconscious long term memory quicker and more comfortably. To do this simply breathe, feel, and allow your emotions to be there, and engage with the activity that you are doing through your body awareness. The more we allow and accept life as it is, the more we are supporting internal changes to happen. The more we change internally, the more our outer experience changes to match it. The more present we are with our body feelings and sensations, the more we are in the present moment, and the more conscious say we have in how our lives unfold when we are actively engaging with it. At same time, the more present we are, the less our subconscious mind has any control over us with old habitual behaviours, because they are not activated when we are fully present.

Another important part of making change is self care. If we want our lives to change we have to be willing to change. This will inevitably stretch us beyond what we are used to. Expanding our comfort zone like this requires a strong enough foundation to handle the different levels of emotions that we will feel with these changes. This will require unleveling our self care to support that change. If we don't, we will not be able to sustain them long enough to make them a new way of life.

When we are doing the breathing, allowing and feeling our body sensations, we are tuning into our body, which is the experiential antenna of life. When we are connected to our body we can then ask it what it needs, and what is the best course action to take for our desired goal, and it will communicate to us through our feeling sensations and sense of intuitive knowing and wisdom from out heart. Our heart will always steer us away from disharmony and towards harmony., but we have to be connected to it enough to tune into its signals. When we are caught in monkey mind thought we are disconnected from out heart and taking navigational signals from our worries and negative projections, which will run us array.

This work takes the right tools, understanding, and self discipline to achieve efficiently and consistently. My Freedom Through Mindfulness Workshop on Sunday, Nov 17th, will give you the understanding and tools on how to do that…. to be able to make the desired changes in your business, personal life, relationships and spiritual growth & life transformations. Here is the info: www.awarenessinhealth.com/events

If you can’t make it in-person, here is the online DIY video version: www.awarenessinhealth.com/online-programs

Next week is on: Allowing and accepting life NOW lets go of resistant feelings and emotion like anxiety and stress.

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