Episode #10 - Our Freedom Is Through Mindfulness!

Our Freedom Is Through Mindfulness!

In these short videos I can only share so much at a time, which is why I am really excited to tell you about my upcoming Freedom Through Mindfulness workshop, because we can really dig into am amazing process to create some amazing results for you!

This workshop will help you to connect and collaborate with your subconscious mind, for creative power, career performance, relationship and spiritual transformation goals!

Learn how your subconscious mind sabotages and keeps you from succeeding at your business, career, relationships & spiritual life transformation goals AND how to let these patterns go with powerful mindfulness & self-care tools that you can use at home to augment your success!

Section #1, Mindfulness:

This is the foundation of the workshop. If we are not present with where we are, like where we are on a map in relation to our destination, how can we take deliberate action towards achieving our goals? This section starts with most important awareness practice tools so we can be mindfully aware of where we are and how to get where we want to go.

Section #2, Truth:

In order to let go of the past that keeps holding us back, we need to be able to discern from negative perceptions muddying up our experience with thoughts of negativity, and from the real reality of what is currently happening. Recognizing and letting go of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Section #3, Feeling:

How can we let go of blocks and negativity that hold us back if we are not able to let emotions go, or push away some feelings and try to hold onto others? Being in a state of resistance to our feelings and emotions with what is happening in life just creates resistance that holds onto those negative experiences. What we resist persists!

In order to allow change we need to create space for the NEW that we want to fit into our life. Learning how to accept, allow, and experience all of our body sensations and feelings lets go of the resistance programs that was holding the past in place. This allows the old stuck energies to flow away through our emotional experience, which opens up space for new and exciting change to replace it with.

Section #4, Self Discipline:

If we want our lives to change for the better, we have to be willing to change and let go of old behaviours. It takes a lot of work to make change an old habit and create a new one. This section teaches many simple every day tools that can be used to change the neural pathways in our brains to new supportive ones.

Section #5, Positive Talk and Congruent Communication:

Making healthy change requires us to change how we are talking to ourselves internally in our self talk and externally to other people, to align our communication with the way we want to feel and what we want to achieve.

Section #6, Trouble shooting

How to navigate difficulty and get back on track when a bunch of emotionally hard things happen all at once and we fall off of our mindfulness horse. In other words, how to keep going in a supportive direction.

I am facilitating this workshop on Sunday, Nov 17th in Victoria. Here is the link to the Workshops page on my website for more info and to sign up!

Pre-registration is required, and seating is limited, so I suggest reserving your spot asap!


Sounds amazing, but you can't make that date! I also have an online DIY version:


Here is a question to leave you with:

Where in your life are you feeling blocked, struggling emotionally, or getting caught in negative thoughts in your head?... and what kinds of things are you doing to help change those old ways of being to support positive change? If what you are doing is working, great! keep doing more of that, but if what you are doing is not creating the changes you want, well: "If we keep doing what we have always done, we will get what we have always got!" So it may be time to look at trying something radically new! Perhaps this workshop is it!.... or...

Want to learn more about Hypnotherapy, and how our subconscious mind works?

Here is a link to my "Why Hypnotherapy" page to scroll down and watch the 30 min video: "What is Hypnotherapy and How does it work?" I think you will really love it:


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