Episode # 9 - How our subconscious mind uses fear to trick us!

How our subconscious mind uses fear to trick us!

F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

At times our subconscious mind protects us when it perceives danger and sends a false fight or flight stress response. Many people experience this on a regular bases as their every day life, even when it may be perfectly safe. This over time is very stressful to our body and breeds anxiety!

I have talked about this a lot in past videos, but basically it is when something, or an accumulation of events happened in the past, often when children, where we were not supported through a difficult emotional experience of some kind, and our subconscious mind adjusted our behaviours and perceptions to support survival through the unbearable feeing, and as an adult these subconscious programs are painting our current perceptions with the old views of not being safe.

These automatic subconscious coping behaviours get activated when we are not present with what we are doing and have triggered into an old emotional memory that feels like it is happening, but in fact when we investigate, it is only a thought! When this happens we are seeing through the lens of an old fear and perceiving it as real... just like looking through glasses that have a real looking image on it and when we look through we believe it as our reality and react from that belief.

When we are trying to succeed in entrepreneurial-ship, job/careers, or in our relationships, but struggling with self doubt and feeling not worthy or not good enough, then this is a sure sign that one of these old F.E.A.R. programs are running.

Here are the first 3 sections of my Freedom Through Mindfulness program (which I designed to let go of and heal this negative habit) that will help you to break these old chains that are holding you down:

Section #1, Mindfulness:

If we want to solve a problem we need to be present enough to see what is going on and how to navigate towards a solution. Mindfulness is simply to practice being aware of our body feelings/sensations, our thoughts, feelings and the immediate environment as they happen as we interact with it all at same time.

Section #2, Truth:

If we want to break off these chains that are holding us back we need to question and compare what we are feeling with what is actually happening in the immediate moment. If I feel an 8-10 in stress, but when I assess what is actually happening things are actually just fine, this proves that I am only perceiving my wellbeing as being threatened and can learn to respond from the true reality rather than the false belief/feeling I am perceiving.

Sections #3, Feeling:

When we have assessed the belief as just a perceived threat, then the next step is to be with what is, our body feelings/sensations in the moment. When we feel, allow, accept, and experience the energy in motion as it is in our body (Energy In Motion: E-Motion), then our acceptance and experience of it is not creating any resistance and it has nothing holding it in place, so it can flow freely as we feel it and let go to make new space for fresh life energy and experiences to move replace them.... which become the change that leads into a solution.

Here is a question to leave you with:

Where in your life do you perceive fear or bad things happening, but when you assess objectively, these are really just fear perceptions? Give the mindfulness techniques a try!

If this is a lot to grasp all at once, and it is, then join me next week when I talk about the 6 steps in my Freedom Through Mindfulness Program that I am facilitating on Sunday, Nov 17th, 2019. Here is the link to the info to sign up for that workshop if you like the sound of it! Seating is limited, so there is no better time than the present to reserve your spot!


Can't make that date, I also have an online DIY version:


Also, to learn more about these FEAR perceptions and how they get created in our Subconscious Mind, here is a link to my "Why Hypnotherapy" page to scroll down and watch the 30 min video. I think you will really love it: What is Hypnotherapy and How does it work?


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