Episode # 8 - Get moving to balance your mind and body

Do you ever feel tension, stress, or anxiety in your career, business, or relationships? This video will help you to let that go in a simple natural way!

Movement is required to let go of stuck energy from the past. In fact any kind of change requires movement to become a different way of being so change cannot happen without it. If we hold our breath this resists movement which quickly becomes resistance and panic to get us to breathe again. Life is like breathing, it is a balanced cycle of ebb and flow in letting go of the old to open up space for the new. Just like with water that has no flow it becomes stagnant, but as soon as you add movement, the old can flow away to allow the new to replenish it.

I remember a great toy when I was a kid, the red Etch-A-Sketch with a silver grey find sand inside the screen and two knobs that you turned to draw what you wanted. Our mind kind of works like that. Imagine being inspired to draw an image on the screen of the Etch-A-Sketch and then you put it down when you are done. The next day you get inspired to draw a new image over top of yesterday, and we do the same the next day, so on and so forth. Pretty soon all the past experiences will have filled up the screen so full that it becomes scattered and chaotic when you try to draw your next idea because the past and present drawings are all competing for the same space. The neat thing about this toy is that all you have to do is shake it for a bit and all the past images simply vanish and the silver grey material inside balances out into an even coloured blank screen. It requires movement to let go of the past images that it was holding onto.

Use this idea when you are feeling stressed and feeling the same old tension or anxiety building up resistance. Simply take a break and go out for a walk, get some movement happening and allow your attention to settle back into your body to let go of the old program in your mind. This will help the screen wash away all the old images your mind was going over and over from the past. You have heard this saying right: "Do what you have always done and get what you have always got!", then in order to let that past program go, wash it away by some physical movement to leave you with a fresh clear screen.

NEXT EPISODE: Our subconscious mind tricks us into unwanted behaviours by: F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). This can really affect our performance at work, in our business, and in our relationship happiness! How does this happen and how can we change it? Find out next episode!

An added BONUS: Here is the link to a video on my blog page with a simple movement technique that you can do almost anywhere, so you can balance your mind and body back to homeostasis.


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