Episode #6 - Grounding and Centering into the Here and Now

Grounding and Centering into the Here and Now

Why is it so important to ground and center? Life happens now, and only now in the moment, even though our mind perceives past and present concepts of time. If we are off in thought of past/present, then our attention is not consciously connected with life, and instead away from it. When we are not consciously connected with life our subconscious mind runs our behaviours according to past programming and beliefs. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always got... history repeating itself. Do you want your history with unhappy experiences to keep repeating itself?

I want to talk about DIRECT and IN-DIRECT life experience to look deeper into this.

An In-Direct experience is when we feel the result of a perceived life experience relative to our thoughts or conditioned subconscious reaction to a feeling from life in the moment. Life happens, and our body feels a sensation that triggers a thought, and our body expresses feelings from the perceived thought rather that what is happening in the actual reality. This is like waking up from a bad or good dream. In the case of the bad dream our breathing is tight and we feel the fear, and as we look around we know it is just a dream but our body is expressing the feeling experience as though the dream is real.

A Direct experience is when we feel the energy of life through our body sensations as it happens. When we are present with our body we are available to experience life directly through our senses, rather than being mediated through the lens of our thoughts. Then we can mindfully respond from conscious choice, rather that automatically reacting unconsciously from a subconscious program when we are not present and drifted away in thoughts.

If we want to make changes in our lives we need to let go of those automatic programs that keep us away from life in an illusory mental/thought based perception of reality of repeating the old way of thinking. Grounding simply centers us back into the here and now through a direct connection/experience with the environment through our body sensations. When we are present to what we feel as it happens, and allow life in through our experience, then we are open and available to co-create with life.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes! When we are not present our energy is diverted from our body into feeding our thoughts. When we are present, our energy flows through our body and enlivens our emotions with enthusiasm. We have more energy, we sleep better, we are more focused, we can retain information better, we are happier, we can move through and let go of challenging emotions better, we can make changes easier!

Just feel your body sensations, breathe and allow, and any resistant thoughts or feelings will not have anything to hold them in place and they will begin to release and let go.

NEXT EPISODE: Using our breathing to let go of anxiety and stress.

New 7 week theme on Letting Go of Anxiety and Stress.

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