Our Point Of Power Is In The Present! (Episode #4, building Self Confidence & Self Esteem)

I believe all our suffering is caused by trying to be something that we are not! Trying to not feel this, not liking that, wanting to be somewhere else, wishing it was quitting time, trying to hold onto this person or that feeling, or trying to be perfect, or not be seen at all, or you should do this or you shouldn't do that.

These practices are all about resisting what is happening and who we are. When we spend our lives avoiding what we are feeling or what is happening we miss the only life there is, which is life happening right now. Life does not happen yesterday or tomorrow, it happens right now, but when we are in our head with all this stuff and story's, we are trading thoughts for reality.

On the map to head to our destination, we cannot plot our route without first identifying where we are, and then relating that to where we want to go. We all have an inner map, which is our heart, body feelings and sensations. When we are present with our body, we are clear with where we are, then and only then can we clearly co-create with life with a desired outcome.

If we look at our goal, the destination, and contemplate the deeper essence of what it is we are really wanting to feel from achieving it, we will then be able to use that to guide our way.

Lets say that the essence of our goal is Freedom. If we then let the bigger goal go and focus on where we are, in the body, and than ask, "what can I do right now to move me in that direction that would have the feeling of freedom in it?" we will be guided by a feeling or knowing. If we are present with our body and life when we ask, we will be available to the feeling, or guidance that will come. When it does, we follow the direction with a step and feel for the idea or intention of freedom in it. If every step we take towards our goal was the focus of freedom in each one, then when we achieve the final step we will be filled with the satisfying feeling of all the freedom steps we experienced along the way. With little things big things grow! If instead every step was filled with impatience, unhappiness, and complaining of how difficult or how slow this is taking, then even if we complete the goal we will just feel all the emotions we practiced of unsatisfied, impatient and unhappiness.

As I said before in earlier episodes, if we are not happy or cannot handle the emotional state of where we are, then how can we be happy or handle all the steps required in the unleveling of achieving our goal? Our Point Of Power Is In The Present! Not somewhere else, so if we want to be happy and live the life of our dreams, we need to bring our dreams into the present to experience them now through our body acceptance and experience.

Next episode: Self Love - Inner child Healing. Letting go of old unresolved childhood stuff that we may still be holding onto.

I leave you with this question for next week: What is it you needed when you were a child that you did not get, and to find ways to give that support or attention to yourself now.

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