Clearing up the clutter opens up space to let go of difficult emotions (Episode #3 in the Self Empo

Clearing up the Clutter opens up space to let go of stuck emotions

In the work I do with clients as a Hypnotherapist, Energy Healing and Mindfulness Teacher, there are always old limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotional blocks that people are wanting me to help them to work through to be able to achieve their goals. It always comes down to this, that when we are able to let go of the old patterns that are blocking the flow of what they want, then changes happens easily because nothing is resisting and working against it.

When I was a teenager my room was such a mess that I could hardly walk through it. It was simply a physical expression of my inner emotional state. The mess/clutter in my room was how I felt on the inside. I was so deeply stuck in emotional difficulties that there was absolutely no room for flow.

If we think of a river, and the water is the flow of life, and if we plunked a big rock into the current it would cause turbulence around it. This would create a back eddy behind the rock that becomes a holding pattern where you will see foam, sticks and debris just going round and round. The more obstacles that get in the way of the flow, the more the flow is blocked and turbulence increases. This is the same with emotions that become turbulent when held onto and not let go. How can we make a change when there is not room because we are holding onto the past.

When we were ten, the clothes we wore represented where we were in life at the time of what was happening then. We wouldn't wear those clothes now because they would not be an appropriate fit, so why do we still hold onto old emotional patterns and thoughts that were from then?

Practice stepping out of your comfort zone by looking where you have physical clutter that you are still holding onto, and challenge yourself to clean it up, organize, or let it go. This may be in your home, car, at work, or completing or letting go of old unfinished projects. You will be amazed at how good it feels to do so, and this will open up your energy to make amazing creative change, and leave you feeling more self confident!

Next episode: Our point of power is in the present - Like a map with a destination of where we want to go; if we do not know where we are on the map, how can we plot our route to get there? Co-creating requires being grounded and present with where we are in the here and now!

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