Processing emotions builds self confidence (Episode #2 in the Self Empowerment series)

Processing Emotions

If we want to make some changes in our lives we have to be willing to change. If we are having trouble managing the emotions right now in our life, then how can we handle the extra emotions and feelings that will arise through the steps you will need to do to achieve your goals? Emotional confidence with where we are is required to be able to up-level our capacity.

Emotions are just energy from life in the moment moving through our body and sense perceptions. Emotion = E-Motion (Energy-In-Motion).

If we have dissociative patterns or behaviours where we avoid, push away, mask, or numb ourselves away from emotional feeling, then we are practicing not being with our emotions. When we do that our emotions will build up and cause physical, mental, and emotional blockages that limit the success we want.

True confidence comes from being able to accept, allow, and process our emotions and feelings as they happen. This is just the felt sense in our body as the feelings happen. If we are present with our body, allow and accept what we feel, then any resistance from old patterns will let go and then there is nothing to stop the emotions from being processed, and they will let go and release through our experience of them.

Once we can allow, accept, and process our emotions, we can then handle the steps required of us to achieve our goals. Now that is confidence!

Next episode: Clearing the clutter opens space to let go of stuck emotions.

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