The Key to Self Confidence and Self Esteem is Self Care and Self Love (Episode #1 in the Self Empowe

Self Confidence and Self Esteem

The number 1 cure for low self confidence is to up-level your Self Care and Self Love. Self care is the foundation that will allow you enough structure to support your goals. Without a solid foundation whatever you try will be unstable, leaving you with a lack of confidence.

To get a sense of the things that are non supportive in your current foundation so you can week them out and make it stronger, have a look at the kinds of thoughts that you are having. Are they kind and supportive to your goals and feeling good about yourself? or are they judgmental, doubtful, negative, and make you feel bad about yourself?

Every time we have these negative thoughts of resistance, they are a sign that you need more self love attention. This is done by giving acts of self care to yourself. Contemplate what self care is to you. is it taking that extra time to Segway between work and home, giving yourself enough alone time, spending quality time with loved ones, listening to your bodies needs, reading a book, listening to music, meditating, yoga, hiking... etc.

Here is a 1 week challenge that will help you feel way better. Make a self care list of all the things you can do this week and do as many as you can each day. If you run out of ideas, google "self care ideas".

Each time you do one item of self care on the list you are putting down another brick in your foundation of self love, which = more self confidence, and after that week just see how much better you feel from not doing self care!

Next week is on processing Emotions, and how to use them to up-level our confidence to support our goals. If we can't handle the emotions that arise from where we are, then how can we handle what we will feel through doing what needs to be done to achieve our goals? Accepting and allowing Emotions is true power!

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