Stepping out of our comfort zone is where our freedom is!

Creating excitement in our lives comes from willingness to step into the new!

How can we ever achieve what we want when we are having difficulty managing the emotions that arise from where we currently are? If we want to change some things in our lives, or experience a new goal, we have to learn to expand our ability to handle and process our emotions that will arise through the steps that we will have to take to achieve the new desire. It simply cannot happen otherwise!

When we are willing to step out of our comfort zone into the unknown of taking chances making changes in our lives, that is when we truly start living! If we keep doing what we have always done, we will get what we have always got!

The root source of self sabotage, and things falling apart, almost achieving success but it didn't quite make it, is usually from a belief that we are not good enough. If we have that belief, no matter how good we try to be, that belief will always leave us not feeling good enough, and the resulting emotions will always hold us back. When we learn how to address that limiting belief, and process those emotions, then we have the structure that can hold up the steps that we will need to take to achieve the success we want.

Mindfulness is the key. We have to be willing to go into the feelings and emotions that are holding us back. It is just energy moving through our body. When we learn how to ground, be present, and breath into and through our feelings, then through the experience of them they begin let go and release.

Our body is designed to feel through our emotions, but at one point in the past, perhaps during our upbringing, if we took on a belief that it was not ok to express what we really feel or who we really are, we learn to dissociate from our body and its ability to do that. When this happens, we have just learned a coping behaviour that has the purpose of taking our attention away from the difficult feelings in our body with some sort of distraction or mask of separation we learn to wear to hide the real us.

Our freedom is through mindful connection with our body! An awareness practice is very helpful. This is to simply practice regularly to meditate on our breathing and body sensations. When we get distracted away in thoughts, and you will, just notice, and practice guiding your attention back to the physical felt sense in your body. With practice this creates willingness to accept what we feel in the moment, and expands our feeling capacity, which in turn, expands our capacity to create bigger and bigger changes in our lives!

CLICK HERE to my video on starting an awareness practice

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