Where is your energy draining to and how can you fill it back up?

Have you ever felt really drained for a while, and you just seemed to be stuck in an emotional lull? Here are some insights that may resonate with you on how this happens and how you can turn it around.

If everything is energy, then this means that the world, air we breath, our body, mind, and emotions are all energy. From this perspective, lets take a look at physical and emotional energy drains and how they happen.

Think of where your energy would be going if you were focusing on the same thing for a while. If it is true that Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, then it makes sense that our energy would be flowing into the energy of the thoughts we were focusing on. What if we were stuck focusing on something that made us feel bad about ourselves, angry, or upset? would we be sending our energy to this emotion and Train-of-Thought? Of course we would, but what happens to our energy field when we do this? Lets take a look.

When we are stuck on the merry-go-round of unhealthy thoughts that we don't feel good about, and we know our energy is flowing where we place our attention, then we know that this focus on it is feeding the pattern to continue.

Think of it like a bucket of water that has holes in it. This bucket is the only means of carrying water to replenish the reservoir in our cabin. It is a bit of a walk to the creek to fill it up, but it has holes in it. We fill it up as full as we can, and walk quickly, but much of the water leaks out before we get there, so we have to go back and get more. Each trip back we spend energy, but our yield is much less than the energy that is expended, so we get tired, and still have very little water.

if we think of the water as the energy we need to fill our body's reservoir, and the unhappy thoughts we are stuck focusing on as the holes in our bucket, then these thoughts are leaking/draining our energy away. It is like having holes in our energy field (haemorrhages) that drain our vital life force energy away. Not only that, but the thoughts where our energy and attention is flowing to become fed and nourished by the attention we place on them and grows stronger from the attention.

The simple solution is creating a mindfulness routine to regularly practice focusing our attention towards our physical body sensations in the Here And Now to support healthy energy and emotions. As the saying goes: "Our Point Of Power is in the Present", so when we are present with our body, we re-charge the Power of our batteries. This will also patch the holes in our energy field and slowly fill our reservoir back up to healthy levels that can flow through challenging situations with more ease. All we have to do is practice living mindfully!

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