Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can really hold us back. Here are some simple tools that will help to process through these uncomfortable feelings.

They say that the Point of Power is in the present moment. Well if that is true, then in the present moment when we notice stressful and anxious feeling happening we should be able to do something about them right then.

It only takes a few ingredients to make most cakes, and the processing and letting go of unhappy emotions can be just as simple.

  1. First we have to have the awareness that something is occurring that we don't want, which in this case is the feeling of stress and anxiety.

  2. Then we have to have the desire to change it to something we want instead, along with the willingness to follow through with action.

  3. Like making the cake, we need to know what kind we want to know what ingredients we will need. With the anxiety and stress, perhaps we want to feel relaxed and calm.

  4. Once we have a sense of what we want instead, then it is just a matter of re-orienting our attention, energy, and focus on creating a relaxed and calm feeling inside ourselves. To do this we will require some sort of action that will support the desired outcome. A simple one is to focus on a relaxed and calm breathing cycle. This will send the message to change the stress and anxiety response into a more peaceful body feeling.

  5. We then need to hold our attention on he new cycle to create a long enough experience of it to be able to create a calm state of mind. This one is the hardest, as it may take 5 min of focusing on calm relaxed breathing to get a full sense of this feeling. It will take some practice with continuing the new relaxed and calm pattern every time we feel the stress and anxiety, but repetition will get the job done. They also say that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

If we commit to following this kind of process every time we feel stressed and anxious, we will be practicing to take notice, and do what it takes to bring the experience of relaxed and calm into our state of mind. When we do this, we keep planting the seeds of what we want, and as we acknowledge ourselves with appreciation for caring about ourselves with the practice of self-care, then we will also build self-esteem and confidence in the process. Doing this will water the seeds of the new behaviours and support it to grow quicker.

Yes, there will be set-backs along the way, as that is just a normal part of life, but if we keep doing a healthy course correction every time we find ourselves drifting off in a direction that we do not want, we will soon reach the new destination, and be much more able to reach this calm place next time because we are familiar with how to do it.

You will find freedom through mindful action, as the point of our power to change is in the present moment!

If you ever want to learn more tools to better process through challenging emotions when they arise, Check out my Freedom Through Mindfulness workshop series, and online video program.

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