Feeling Overwhelmed can be a sign of a shift in consciousness

Have you ever felt overwhelmed for a time having to ride out chaotic and tumultuous feelings, thoughts and emotions, and then in a few days you suddenly felt great and amazingly clear? This could be a sign that a big shift in consciousness just happened!

I saw a program by Gregg Braden where he talked about how we hold vibrational emotional patterns in our body. There was a water molecule being filmed as vibrational frequencies were pulsed into it. The water molecule would express a particular stable pattern at a certain sound pulse. When the sound pulse was slowly raised, at one point the water molecule shape would start vibrating quite chaotically like it was going to break apart, and then suddenly it would bloop into a stable and more beautifully complex pattern.

I believe that it is the same with our physical body as our level of consciousness increases to higher vibrations. Parts of us evolve much quicker than other parts. We have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The physical body is the slowest to evolve because it is denser being made of physical matter. When we evolve in the other areas, like for example, when we are just learning to process through and old unhealthy emotional pattern, our body gets pushed to its maximum capacity to handle these higher vibrational patterns of our now raised consciousness. When this happens, our body vibrates with chaos because it is not yet able to contain or process this unfamiliar emotional process (higher frequency), which is why we feel like we are falling apart and overwhelmed.

It takes a few days or so in this tumultuous energy for our body to finally increase its ability to handle this higher frequency. Our body moves into the "Key Threshold Resonance" where it then morphs into the new and more complex pattern of itself. It simply adapts to be able to handle this more evolved energy/frequency, which is why we feel the calmness after the storm.

The reason I am sharing this is because I believe it is very important to mindfully experience and embrace these difficult times when we feel like we are falling apart for no apparent reason. The more we understand that shifts of consciousness can make us feel this way, the more we can allow this process to happen. When we mindfully experience and allow this change to happen, it is much easier on our system, and it will happen quicker and easier. If we resist too much, we put up blockages to the natural flow of change, and we could bloop backwards into an old pattern of negativity, rather than evolving into a higher state of consciousness.

Once we understand that making change requires us to change and usually brings up scary and uncomfortable feelings, body sensations, and emotions through the process, it becomes easier to allow it to naturally happen. Our freedom happens through mindfully allowing and embracing this experience to run through its natural course!

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